Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dragon Ball Super 1

Let’s do this.

First things first, Dragon Ball Super is estimated to be around 100 episodes long. There is no way I’m going to commit to doing every single episode. That’s way too long-term.

Besides, it is Toei and it is Dragon Ball. If Toei gets its Z on I’ll eventually be stuck talking about that one punch Goku threw in the episode because that would have been all that happened.

Instead, I’m going to do a post for this every first episode. Next post will be once episode 5 is out, then 10, then 15, and so on.

With that said, let’s dig in.

To Yamcha or not to Yamcha. That is the question
This episode was… comfy. There is no other word for it. It doesn’t dive into the action right away but we get a chance to see where the characters are now.

Months have passed since Kid Buu was killed. Goku is a former. Satan is still hailed as the world’s savior (Man isn’t that a sentence that can really be taken out of context?), and Gohan and Videl will soon marry.

Oh, and Beerus is out there and blowing planets. Seems like they are going to retell BoG and RoF with some new twists.

Everything the light touches is my Kingdom
The high points of the episode are the scenes with Goku and Goten and later the deal with Mr. Satan. It’s just nice to see some father-son bonding time between Goku and Goten. Got to admit, Goku making Goten drive the tractor while he ate drew a smile out of me.

Then there was Mr. Satan giving them the price money. A really nice gesture coming from him. Like always it’s nice to see underneath all the bluster, there is a decent guy down there.

Overall, this wasn’t the best first episode ever, but it was comfy. A nice reintroduction of the world of Dragon Ball. 

And remember kids, Beerus frowns on greasy food. Stay healthy! 

Or your planet gets blown up.

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