Sunday, August 9, 2015

Dragon Ball Super 2-5

Four episodes have gone by.

Let's talk about the good, the bad, and the average.

The special edition of Battle of Gods had 105 minutes.

Dragon Ball Super is over a hundred minutes in and we have not covered even half of BoG's plot.

This is not a bad thing. If anything the slow build up they are doing right now has plenty of fun stuff going for it.

It's fun watching Vegeta trying to put training aside for once and take his family to the amusement park.

The guy tried he really did.

At the same time, not every idea is a winner. Trunks and Goten segments aren't as good, though that's my personal preference shinning through. Pilaf's gang is good but nothing to write home about.

At the same time, it's a comfy ride which is rare in Battle Shounen.

The increased number of episodes has also given the series time to build up Beerus as the antagonist.

The guy is strong.

Blowing planets is nothing new for Dragon Ball. Neither is blowing up planets casually. Yet there is something about the way Beerus goes about it. Destroying half a planet because the food was greasy. Blowing up a planet with one of the smallest ki blasts ever then staying to watch.

He's strong and he's insanely casual about it. He and Whis are not even remotely bothered by all they are doing which makes them even more impressive.

You really feel the anticipation for the moment he and Goku meet.

If only the moment had lived up to those expectation.

I have said this before. Toei is Toei,

Animation consistency is not their thing. While the early episodes had some good segments (Trunk's fight with the snake in episode 1 and the alien Beerus fights in episode 2) the fight between Goku and Beerus is disappointing.

It's just poorly done. There were some moments of SSJ3 Goku vs Beerus that were sorta good, but overall it was lacking.

It's not surprising. Being able to keep up animation quality is rare in long running anime. It's rare even in short running anime. It's rarer on Toei.

At the same time, as fun as the shenanigans are, there is no denying cool fights are one of the big draws of Dragon Ball. If you're going to do them, do them right.

Let's hope saving on the budget here means things will look better in the next couple of fights.

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