Sunday, September 13, 2015

Dragon Ball Super 6-10

Stop it Yamcha. It's just sad now.
It's that Sunday again and you all know what it means.

It's Dragon Ball Super Time!

Five episodes have gone by and you know what? The show has started doing the thing I really hoped they wouldn't do, padding.

Now, let's be fair. It's nowhere near the scale of Dragon Ball Z (Frieza's fight with Goku lasted around 20 damned episodes!), but it's still padding.

During these five episodes the following has happened: Beerus went to Earth and met Vegeta, the Saiyan Prince had to entertain him for a while before everything went to hell because Buu, Vegeta Raged Mode-ed, Goku arrived and went Super Saiyan God, and the fight started.

Huh. When I put it like that it does seem like a lot happened. Then again, it's five episodes. That's around a 100 minutes to develop the plot.

Let's take it by episode.

Episode 6 is fun.

In the movie it's hinted Beerus is being a dick to Vegeta on purpose. Here it is all but stated. the cat likes making Vegeta sweat.

We lost Vegeta's dance number but the cooking scene more than makes up for it and watching. Yamcha think he can fight Beerus is fun. Plus, the beatdown Beerus delivers to Buu is amazing. 

Episode 6 was a nice episode. The real problems start after.

Only one thing happens in episode 7. Everyone fights Beerus. Going to be honest, the way Buu kept coming back was annoying. He is tough. We know that, but do you really want to waste so much screen time on him?

Also, why the hell didn't Gotenks at least go SSJ?

Piccolo, Tien and 18 going against Beerus was decent enough. At the same time Gohan being casually swatted aside... well, that's not right. Seriously, I don't even like Gohan that much, but he was the strongest unfused character by the end of the Buu saga. Him powering up to fight deserves a few more seconds, don't you think?

Furthermore, this was the entire episode. Vegeta powering up was left for the episode 8.

Episode 8 also bears the unfortunate fate of being the first episode that really felt padded. Beerus vs Vegeta lasts less than half an episode even with cuts to Whis eating Sushi. 

The rest of the episode? All about Oolong vs Beerus in a game of rock, paper and scissors. It was fun in the extended cut of BoG since it didn't take too much time. Here? Obvious padding.

Episode 9 is the Super Saiyan Ritual. That's literally it and boy did they up the visual power of the ritual in order for it to last half the episode. On the plus side, Videl going SSJ even if only for that moment was neat.

Needed more spikey hair though.

As for episode 10, there is not really much to say about it. There was a fight. It didn't suck and it will continue for a few more episodes.

I really hate how this is the second time they show the Kamehameha as a random energy orb.
It's a freaking wave damn it! A wave!

Turtle! Destruction! Wave!

Overall these episodes are inferior to the first 5. Sure they were going slow too, but things were actually happening there. 

Beerus going from planet to planet destroying things helped establish his character and seeing the characters interact as they all got ready for the party was fun.

More importantly, we hadn't seen it before. Once the movie parts begin, we know what is going to happen and we are anxious for it to happen. It makes the padding feel worse than it is. 

As an aside, if you haven't checked the DB Super manga, do it now. The fights are cooler there. Way cooler. 

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