Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hataraku Maou-sama! 8

One thing I’ll say for this anime is that I love the reaction faces.

No, I can actually say quite a bit more. I have the entire post for it.

First though, let me say that after careful deliberation Hazard has decided to not do episode summaries. Way too much time lost there. Unless, I’m talking about a first episode don’t expect to see one. I will write under the assumption that, like me, you have watched the episode.

Else, why would you even be here?

Moving on, Suzuno is adorable.

That combination of cuteness, social awkwardness and that traditional kimono is a critical hit right to the heart. 

Seriously, how can you not find that adorable?

Fun with the TV aside, this episodes builds up the main plot a little with Suzuno and Emi talking about the mysterious attacker with anti-holy powers, following the reveal of Suzuno's identity.

Thank you for that writer! There is only so long you can carry that type of misunderstanding joke before it starts to irritate. The timing for the reveal was just perfect. It got away with using the cliche while doing away with the common pitfalls.

One thing I envy about Hataraku Maou-sama is the way it blends in the funny slice of life scenes with the more serious fantasy elements without either losing priority. Most of the time there is a point in which you can see the author pull a “Fun’s Over, Folks” sign. Nice and fun starts to diminish, and action starts ramping up.

Here even after the big battle with Lucifer (Now a proud NEET), the fact that Maou works at McDonalds has not been shoved to the side. The fact that KFC has opened up a brand new place right in front of them is a very big part of his life as is the James Looking Manager. 

Prepare For Trouble!

Also, Chiho. Can’t ever forget Chiho. Not after this episode.

It’s not often you see a bold confession like that in anime, especially so soon. Usually it takes a lot of tsuntsun, comedic misunderstandings, sexual tension, and a hell lot of stuttering. Once again, another thing the anime chose not to drag out. Chiho confessed and she did it in a very mature manner. Hazard applauds you, Chiho.

Mind you, Suzuno is just too cute. To the point it’s not even a contest, if she was actually competing but points for effort and all that. 

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