Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Suisei no Gargantia 8

We'll always remember you eh... what was his name again?

We have suffered a great loss this episode.

No more Bellows and Saaya, for some episodes at least.

The theme of the episode is separation. It’s everywhere. Death separates Gargantia from the Fleet Commander. Gargantia splits as a sizable amount of people decide it's Whale-Squid Hunting Time! Even the trio of Melty, Amy, and Saaya breaks up by the move.

These events would have more impact if I actually felt a greater attachment for these characters.

Fleet Admiral was pretty much an unknown with barely any screen time. He is supposed to be this big grandfatherly figure for Gargantia but that is not felt all that much.

If you actually liked the old man, Hazard congratulates you. You actually felt the full emotional weight the episode is intended to have. For me, the funeral was largely pointless, which is a shame because the actual ceremony was really well done. 

Even the split of the three friends didn't make an impact on me. We know Amy's character, but the same cannot be said for her friends. Saaya and Melty are just “those two girls”. We don’t know them beyond their role as Amy’s friends and even that's a stretch. They have 10 lines between the two before this episode, I think.

This episode contained the most character development they have had in the entire show.

Hopefully, future episodes will continue developing them.

Then there is Ridget. How can I say kindly?

Oh my god, she is the captain now!
Nope, Hazard can’t say it kindly. She is a horrible choice for the role that has been given to her. She may grow into the role, but as it is right now she is the girl that decided pointing guns at Ledo the previous episode was a good idea.

I get that she was desperate, but it was a bad move, a really bad move. Now that person is in charge of Gargantia, half of it at least.

I did enjoy Ledo’s scenes. It was good to hear why he is doing it beyond it being what the Alliance has taught him. In his own way, he is trying to help these people.

The revelation of a former brother was kind of weird but did help his point. He does not want this world to become like the world he grew up in. This is a very powerful statement coming from him and does help put his actions in perspective.

Badass Harpoon
He is not just killing the Hideous (yeah, I am not even going to bother with the correct spelling here). He is killing them to prevent them from attacking Gargantia in the future, a possibility that is very real in Ledo’s mind.

If Hazard had to Pick a Side

Not really a hard choice to make. As I have said in a previous post I do agree with the course of action the Gargantians take, even if I think the anime is making it out to be more than what it is.

Whale-Squids are dangerous and Chamber’s upper limits are nebulous right now.

Basically as much as Hazard would like to see the Whale-Squids gone for good, he would not bet on Ledo and Chamber against all the Whale-Squids.


Final thing, there will not be an update tomorrow by the way.

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