Monday, May 15, 2017

Armed Girl's Machiavellianism 06

 Behold, the rise and fall of Nomura!


Nomura's fortune has changed! Defeating one of the Supreme Swords earned him infamy, and defeating the second one didn't really change things. However, his luck has definitely changed after defeating the third.

Apparently, fighting a bear made an impression on the girls.

No longer is Nomura unpopular. Instead, every girl is now interested in him much to the annoyance of Rin and Mary.

That's right, people.

You want to impress girls? Fight Bears.

It even rhymes so you know it can't possibly be false.

However, Nomura's luck can't last.

Two of the Five Swords are still left, and one of those is the weirdly unsettling Satori who has an evil master plan in store for Nomura which consists of... well, you can all see the pic above, can't you?

You know, as far as master plans go, weaponizing Tsundere Rage is actually a pretty good one. Well played, Satori.

Even Nomura's smoothness is no help against that picture.

He does, however, figure out a way to prove his innocence.

Yep, all he has to do is find the original picture.

He may not have Rin and Mary at his side, but Bear Loli is there to help.

She has a bear so her help is automatically better. And her bear has a baby bear so that's double the bears.

Unfortunately for both of them, Satori is way trickier than anyone Nomura has fought so far.

It's time for a naked battle in the girl's bathroom!

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