Friday, June 2, 2017

Armed Girls' Machiavellianism 07

Warning: This post contains a dangerous amount of Satori. Young ones, stay away.

You know, I got to give the anime credit for this episode. Nowadays, it's not often that a show gets to have a fight where both fighters are naked, especially without relying on excessive censoring.

Yet this episode we not only have Satori naked and in no hurry to get her clothes, but Nomura gets in on the naked action as well.

Which is not to say there isn't censorship but at least it's not covering the entire screen.

Shame the fighting animation couldn't be better.

Animation aside, the fight is actually pretty okay. Satori being naked actually serves a purpose (so you can totally say it's not shameless fanservice if someone catches you watching this show!). Nomura can't quite concentrate with Satori like that and tries to keep his gaze at eye level, something that's not exactly easy in the middle of a swordfight.

Plus, you know, the other technical difficulties that may arise.

However, turnabout is fair play, and Nomura getting naked to do the same thing to Satori that she is doing to him was great.

After half a season of Satori flaunting her supposed inhumanness and eeriness, Nomura showing her she is not so above it after all was fun.

As an aside, while Nomura fights it out with Satori, both Mary and Rin manage to get drunk on nonalcoholic beverages.

The power of love is strong.

That said, four Swords are down. There is still two to go.

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