Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spotlight: Digimon Savers

Once again, welcome all of you. It has been a long time, but let’s dive into this!

The Story

Daimon Masaru is a high school delinquent with a disappeared dad.

Agumon is a tough talking Digimon with an attitude.

Together, they fight crime!

Okay, not really, but you would totally watch something with that premise.

Masaru and Agumon become partners after getting into a fight (with each other and with another Digimon). This leads them into being recruited by DATS, an organization similar to Tamer’s Hypnos only significantly kinder.

Together with DATS, Masura and Agumon make friends, battle enemies and have all sorts of world-saving adventures.

The Setting

It's showtime!
Basically, the same as earlier Digimon shows. Digital World. Real World. The works. If there is a big difference it lies in the age of the cast.

The other kids were, well, kids. This time we are dealing with teenagers and the show has a less kid-ish artwork to match.

That means more boobs.

Which doesn’t mean it has the more mature tone out of all seasons. That award goes to Tamers.

Anyway, the kids working for DATS also introduces some changes. Things take less time to get organized. They know what they have to do and they have all the backing they need.

Humans know about the Digital World and they have been studying it for a while, for better and worse as we will see later.

How it Manages

Dat Dukemon being at the center!

Pretty well, but let’s start with the bad.

Masaru punches Digimon.

Okay, this is not a popular opinion. Some people love that. Me? Not so much. The whole “Punch Digimon to get a Digisoul charge” was stupid. Masaru’s dad somehow fighting a Mega later on was also stupid.

Seriously, this is not DBZ (and I like DBZ). There is a reason the partner bond exists.

It’s not about martial arts and ki. It’s about friendship!

Masaru going around punching Digimon serves very little purpose other than it being “awesome”.

So yeah, annoying that.

Also, giant royal knights was stupid.

Human size always works better.


Onto the good. Partners. We have that relationship again. Savers, kind of like Tamers, focuses on the three main characters. Not with the same depth but we get the focus all the same.

The real shining point of the series has to go to the bad guy, one of them at least.

Kurata. One of the few human bad guys in Digimon.

Having a mad scientist as an enemy made for an interesting dynamic. The guy is a total scumbag, but that's exactly why he is a good bad guy.

Overall, Savers is a good show. It’s not as Good as Tamers or the first season of Adventure, but it has things going for it.

Not required watching, but if you’re a Digimon fan you might as well watch it for completion’s sale.

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