Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 15-16

A Face You Can Trust! Vote Borgia!


Jeanne got captured. Unfortunately for her, she is in the tender care of Cesare Borgia and Machiavelli.
If you aren’t familiar with history let me just tell you, Cesare Borgia was a huge douche.

He was also the son of the Pope.

And the model for Machiavelli’s The Prince.

For more information in a kid-friendly, musical format see this video:

Anyway, these two really do torture her. Not hardcore torture or anything of the sort but more than I was expecting.

The prize, however, goes to Machiavelli.


She (yes, she) takes Jeanne to her old village where all the people still hates.

No one is ever smart enough to use the Seer to their advantage.

It was a really tough time for Jeanne, but what Machiavelli said was interesting. They just need people to believe King Arthur is the savior king.

If Jeanne says he is, everyone will believe it and that’s that.

Seems a bit short-sighted, but interesting all the same.

Oh, and her village is totally destroyed.

That sucked for her.

Points to Jeanne for actually resisting all the torture and not giving in.


Okay, this was a bit stupid.

I mean, they knew the state of the Leylines was bad. We have seen the giant crack on the planet.

Why feel guilty about it? What’s the deal with Nobunaga suddenly going, “maybe I am the Destroyer King?”

I mean, shouldn't you have wondered that when you wanted to kill the hostages?

Same for Jeanne really.

That said, I did like their heart to heart talk and the acknowledgement that Nogunaga does remember something of his past life. Seriously, that’s one plot point that has barely receives attention.

I also liked the Jeanne fanservice.

Caesar is Awesome

I wonder I can write that sentence every time I write about Nobunaga the Fool.

Actually, I wonder how this show would look with Caesar as the main character.

Anyway, the guy has really turned around. He’s joking with Hideyoshi, calls people out on dirty moves, and risks his life to save Mitsuhide.

Apparently, Ichihime really means a lot to the guy.

Either that or she’s fantastic in bed.

The bad part is that he and Mitsu are now stuck alone, which is bad because Mitsuhide has a history of betrayal.

Live on, Caesar! Live on!

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