Thursday, May 29, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 17-18

Bitch, please

Caesar is Awesome

Okay so when we last saw them, Caesar and Mitsuhide had been left in the West. Obviously that meant they got captured by Cesare.

While Mitsu is totally useless, Caesar brags about how hot his wife is.

See, that’s why he is awesome. We find out the reason Caesar wears a mask is because girls like masked men.

Sounds legit.

We get some contrast between Mitsu and Caesar this episode. Mitsuhide has daddy issues. His dad, for whatever reason, committed Sepuku, and all this faithful servant thing Mitsu has going on is a way to… reclaim honor? Free himself from that shadow?

Something to do with his dad at any rate.

That’s the difference between Mitsu and Caesar. Mitsu cannot be honest with himself.

That’s why he repeatedly fails.


Have some Jeanne instead

… Yeah, so, she’s dying.

Really dying.

Leylines and shit.

We also finally find out her past with Nobu… which to be honest isn’t really that important. Himiko as a whole is not really a relevant character in the anime.

It’s kind of sad because she had potential. Even her position as romantic rival is not really all that.

Oh, and she convinces Jeanne to admit she likes Nobu… at last.

… yay?

Kenshin is… useless?

Yeah, like I was going to waste a picture on him/her

Okay, let’s be honest what has this guy’s purpose been so far?

Like seriously?

He did nothing in early episodes. Then he allied with Caesar… and did nothing. Then he finally defeated two members of the Round Table to establish his badass.

Then he defeated another only to get stomped by Alexander.

Seriously, what’s the point of this guy/girl?

Like, he/she didn’t even get captured for some forced romance once he ended up being a trap!

VS Alexander

Funnily enough, this guy is historically a pretty boy

Okay, this guy is strong.

As in, Nobu doesn’t have a chance against him strong.

Ultimately, Nobu’s powerlessness and desire for power proves to be the greater danger when he tries to take more power than he should.

See, trying to use too many Regalia is bad.

Like really bad.

See, when your power is tied to the planet’s leylines bad stuff can happen if it goes berserk.

Also, Hideyoshi gets torn in half but survives.

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