Saturday, July 19, 2014

Aldnoah.Zero 2

Who Will Prevail!

The Battle Starts!

And ends… 

Stylish Victory!

Earth gets its ass kicked this episode. The power they have spent the last 15 years building is no match for Martian tech. They can’t even make a dent.

Each castle sends out one mech each and that’s enough to take care of the assembled human forces. Part of this huge superiority has to do with some sort of barrier technology.

Anything that the Martian mecha touch is disintegrated; so nothing can really hurt it. At least, that’s the clear case for one. It remains to be seen if the others have different powers.

On the plus side, there is hope.

See, the Princess is alive. The one who got killed is a double. She just needs to get to the embassy and explains things, which is kind of hard due to the whole war thing.

It may even be best if she doesn’t, because the attack on her was actually planned by the Martians as an excuse to start a war.

It was strongly hinted last episode, and it’s nice to see it confirmed so soon. There is no need for that mystery.

Especially with how obviously evil some of these Martians are. Like, seriously. They might as well be wearing a sign.

This guy is NOT nice!

Of course, all the above spells bad things for the MC.

He manages to run in not only the princess but the last surviving member of the guys who tried to kill the Princess. All of which means his party now has a sizable target painted on its back.

Rat Bastard (as I have decided to call him) is chasing after them to get rid of the evidence. They are outgunned in a big way with no allies to call. It is obviously the best time for a counterattack!


Curious sidenote, Slaine is clearly not used to killing. Kind of makes sense since the past 15 years have been kind of peaceful.

Also this guy dies
MC Friends Killed This Episode: 1

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