Wednesday, July 2, 2014

What the hell? - Freezing

If you asked someone why Freezing is bad, you’d get a lot of answers.

Some would say it’s the main character. Some would say the sheer violence. Others would even say it’s the fanservice.

Provided they don’t stare at you with a blank look on their face wondering what the hell you’re talking about.

Anyway, none of those are it.

There is one main why Freezing is bad and it's the stupid, bizarro logic most characters seem to be working under.

Upperclassmen are Monsters

Really hot ones though
The first conflict in Freezing. Satellizer and Kazuya end up in a fight against the third years. Let’s review this, shall we?

A Pandora has her eye on Kazuya… as well as several other guys. However, Kazuya has a sister complex so he wants none of that.

The girl doesn’t take his rejection well. Enter Stella who happens to be there. She defends Kazuya… and kind of messes up.

She has a thing about getting touched by other people. By which I mean, “touch me and die”. So yeah, technically she throws the first punch… and gets her ass kicked.

So far, this is kind of okay. The problem is what happens next.

The third year proceeds to sexually harass Stella with the help of her Limiters... So yeah, that goes beyond a school fight.

Satellizer can hardly be blamed for snapping. Especially given her history.

What happens next?

The teachers blame her. No. Don’t blame the sexual harasser. That’d make too much sense. Punish the girl with a good reason for snapping and lock her up. Yeah, she hurt the other girl pretty bad, but she had a damn good reason to. She’s hardly the one with the bigger share of the blame.

Yes, school ranks in Freezing are like military ranks. Superiors still need to follow the rules. The problem is, everyone decides to blame Stella… for defending herself. The other third years are even pissed off she won and decide to go attack her in a series of matches.

Like, were you born without brains?

My Brother wants to Rape Me

There is one waste of a human being in this picture and it's not the girls.

Yeah, the big one. The annoying one. The completely horrible one.

So, Stella has this thing about being touched.

There is a good reason for that.

Her brother sexually abused her when she was younger.

I repeat her brother sexually abused her. He’s full on obsessed with her. He stripped her. He whipped her. He insulted her. And don’t get me started on how he treats Holly.

So yeah, he’s a real piece of work.

Louis is scum. Plain and simple.

What’s the fate of this failure of a human being?

He is forgiven for all his crimes, gets a hot girl, and continues being filthy rich and powerful.


This guy who should be in jail get away with everything. No, it doesn’t matter how he used and abused Holly. She still loves him. It doesn’t matter he wanted to make his sister his sex slave and abused her, she forgives him.

I have nothing against redemption.

This is not it.

This is a guy getting away with every single bad thing he did with no punishment whatsoever.

What the hell writer? Do you even read the crap you write?

Ridiculous is what this is.

My Grandpa can’t get over his Waifu

Then there's this guy

Aoi Gengo. The grandfather of our protagonist.

With one exception, every single big crisis can be traced back to this guy. Either things he let happen. Things he manipulated people into doing or things he did himself.

Worse of all, this guy can’t stop pontificating about some high sounding values while at the time saying he will do whatever it take to protect mankind.

So yeah, He’s a gigantic hypocrite.

The crap O’hara was doing? He did it years earlier and didn’t tell anyone and he had the guts to tell her to stop. He is not a guy who has any right to lecture anyone about morals.

Worse of all, the narrative wants us to see this guy in a sympathetic light.

I wouldn’t mind so much if it was a about a guy making tough choices for mankind but that isn’t it.

Aoi Gengo is just obsessed with Maria Lancelot.

Utterly, completely obsessed.

If there’s a church, then he’s the head priest. It’s not about the benefit of mankind. It’s about his creepy obsession and god forbid anyone getting between him and Maria.

I am totally rooting for the Busters to kill this guy. 

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