Monday, December 14, 2015

Asterisk 9-10 - Rise of the Machines!

Once again, I'm way overdue with this (I've been working on my new book. It's awesome. Check my Amazon Profile for Info), so I'm doing it two at a time. 

There is honestly not much to say about episode 9. The tournament finally starts and we get an introductory speech that mentions how robots are totally allowed to participate this time by a guy who looks completely trustworthy.

Can you say shady deals?

Yes, you can.

Anyway, Ayato gets to fight, but that's over and done with in literal seconds. The real main event this time is the introduction of the two shadowy androids that have been hinted all this time.

I got to admit I was not expecting them to be so... chatty.

Their predecessors were very much not smart at all. These two seems to be actual, highly advanced AI.

I mean, sure, they might act silly, but that just makes their AI seem even more impressive.

Looking forward to seeing the heroes fight them.

While all this stuff is going on, the head of one of the schools (the fat one) has sent someone to take out Ayato at the tournament since he has an OP weapon and all.

The girl happens to be a vampire.

Also, she takes out muscle guy.

Damn you, vampire!

I was rooting for the guy in spite of his obvious jobber-ness.

The other fights were nice. I liked the way Ayato and Julis are playing it smart. They are establishing they are strong by taking turns at solo-ing the matches while at the same time keeping their team plays a secret.

Kirin's and Saya's fight was also pretty nice. There was some nice animation at points, and I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that Saya can actually use her giant gun as a giant sword.

Plus, she got a call from her dad!

Overall, this tournament is shaping up to be pretty fun.


  1. Hopefully, Devils of Black and Gold will be on Smashwords as well; while I pretty much buy most things online via Amazon, I'm not likely to ever buy a book from them.

    Kindle edition can become kindle for all I care.

    1. Sorry to disappoint, but that book is on an exclusive program with Amazon for the next six months in exchange of being offered for Kindle Unlimited.

      I'm testing it out to see how it works compared to distribution on both Amazon and Smashwords.

  2. A shame, that. Still, hope the new book- and new plan- works well for you.