Saturday, December 12, 2015

Dragon Ball Super 16-20

It's that time once again. Let's see how the plot is coming along.

The fight against Beerus is over and now Goku must... work as a farmer. 

Well, sucks to be him. I did like his scene with Krillin in episode 16 though. It's a nice friendship that doesn't get anywhere near enough screen-time.

Of course, the big star of the episode is Vegeta. The guy is so serious and proud that he works fantastically in comedic situations. Iron Chef Vegeta Just Add Water is a thing of genius!

All in all episode 16 was a fun episode. Episode 17 though? Not so much.

Let me start with the good, Gohan and Mr. Satan playing with Pan is completely adorable. Bulma chasing robbers is amusing and Goku trying to convince Bulma to let him see Whis is fun.

The bad is... Chichi. Oh so much.

I mean, the end of the episode may have gone on about how it is their thing and what not, but that really doesn't matter. Seriously, the way she just butted her way in on Gohan and Satan playing with Pan was just... ugh.

I get that she's supposed to be a parody, but it's just annoying at this point. Which is a shame since Buu Saga Chichi is considerably more mellow, but it seems they just dialed it all the way up for Super.

Moving on to the next episode, the scene with Goku and Vegeta changing Beerus' sheets lasted longer than it had any right to. Amusing at first. Not so much later on.

As a training episode it's fine. The parts with Whis are especially nice.

At the same time, it fails in the sense that you can't accurately gauge how strong they are getting. For example, when they have to do a lap around the planet, you never get a clue as to how far along they are. You only see them come across one corner, but since you don't know where they started it's kind of meaningless.

As an aside, we finally get to see Champa and Vados and it only took 17 episodes... we really should have gotten a full manga instead of an anime. Really, the action in the manga is so much better.

This is where things start to get disappointing.

One of the things I really like about Super was the slow build up to Beerus showing up on Earth. We saw him blowing planets. We heard the Kai freaking out about him. They really did a good job hyping him up.

However, here things go in pretty much the same way as the movie and to a degree it is easy to see why.

Frieza does not need an introduction. He's an iconic anime villain. We just needed to see that flashback of him blowing up Planet Vegeta to remember him. However, that alone is not enough and I'll go into that in a moment.

Oh well, at least we got to see Piccolo babysit Pan.

One of the biggest issues of Revival of F was the whole Four Months deal. It was a hard pill to swallow for many fans (the other issue was the grievous misuse of "F" by Maximum the Hormone) .

Power Jumps in Dragon Ball have always been arbitrary, but there was a suddenness in this that bugged a lot of people.

Super had a big chance here. They could have shown Frieza training in space. They didn't. Instead, episode 20 jumps right to Frieza getting to Earth.

It's a big missed opportunity.

Overall, these episodes were nice, but they rush when they shouldn't rush and slow down where they should rush. I really hope the pacing improves as things move along.

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