Thursday, December 17, 2015

Rakudai 9-10 - The Student Council Strikes Back!

Remember how I said it was funny the Student Council weren't such a big deal in this anime?

Turns out, I was not quite right.

Since Stella and Ikki are so badass, the director sends them on a trip.

Stella is looking forward to spending some time alone with Ikki, but reality has other ideas. Not only are they going to share their time with the Student Council, but they are actually there to help with the grunt work.

Sorry Stella. No Honeymoon for you just yet.

At least, that's the case until Stella gets a case of the dreaded Japanese Cold. Second only to Japanese Vans when it comes to the total number of victims.

Things happens. Clothes come off and...

Let's face it, if the rating was just a bit higher or if most LNs didn't have this thing were they need to keep everyone a virgin forever, they would have totally had sex there.

Oh, and also we meet the Student Council President and Ikki's dad, but mostly the almost sex thing.

Priorities, got to have them.

Anyway, while episode 9 was about Ikki and Stella, episode 10 is full Shizuku time.

I got to say I liked the glimpse of her childhood. She was a privileged child who always got her way and as a result she was disappointed in everyone else.

The name "Kurogane" turned everyone around her into ass-kissers and yes-men.

At least, until Ikki shows up, a guy of unquestionable moral fiber who is willing to say, "No, that's wrong."

It helps explain a lot as to why Shizuku likes her brother so much. It also makes us realize just how important his opinion is to Shizuku.

She is going to fight the strongest person in the school and her brother is worried.

However, she doesn't want him to be worried about her. She wants her to trust him. If it was Stella, Ikki would trust her and wish her good luck before the match. At least that's how Shizuku thinks.

Maybe she is right. Maybe she isn't. In any case, the fight is her chance to prove herself to her brother.

The fight was pretty damn good. Hand to hand is good, but there is something really cool about watching people trade elemental attacks at a distance.

Sadly, we all knew Shizuku was going to lose this one.

However, I am pleased she was able to put up such a good fight before going down.

All in all, nice couple of episodes. 

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