Thursday, January 12, 2017

Konosuba S2 Ep. 1

After a long time, I'm once again going to be talking about an anime on a weekly basis, and what better anime to choose than the wonderful comedy that is Konosuba!

Because sometimes, a parody just works.

At the end of Season 1, our brave heroes had defeated the Destroyer Fortress, saved the city of Axel, and protected countless innocent succubi.

However, that type of ending is simply too neat for Konosuba. A punchline is necessary for a comedy to work. Something else had to happen.

Like the government coming in to arrest Kazuma for treason.

I loved the opening sequence. The Pause Screens from the last season were fun so the studio following it up with a Continue Screen was nice.

Plus, that Star Wars style of the opening narration.

However, even that doesn't compare to the stills showing Kazuma trying to run away and getting thrown in jail with heroic music playing in the background. That was hilarious.

Anyway, we finally find out what Kazuma did to get arrested. It turns out his decision to teleport the magic crystal about to explode wasn't entirely without consequence. The crystal completely destroyed a local lord's house so now he's being accused of treason.

After been quickly defended by his friends and just as quickly abandoned by them, Kazuma is taken by the authorities.

As an aside, the prosecutor is very cute.

And hot.

That night, Aqua organizes a rescue attempt. Unfortunately, she's Aqua and thus doomed to fail two nights in a row.

I did get a kick out of Darkness and Megumin with sacks over their heads though. That'll totally hide their identities. It's not like there are only two people in town capable of Explosion Magic or anything.

Anyway, Kazuma raises a good point. Escaping will just make him look bad. Since he did help save the city, it should be fairly easy to have the charges dismissed. There is even a truth-detecting bell during his (very funny) interrogation so there is no way this could possibly go wrong.

It's not like he personally knows anyone in the Demon King's army or anything.

Oh, wait.

What follows is like something out of Seinfeld.

Every single person Kazuma and his party have in some way or another wronged appears to give testimony. Even the background characters get in on the action as they confirm Kazuma's AKA Trashzuma's actions to the judge.

Even Kazuma's last second use of the Truth-Detecting Bell is not enough to save him because the noble whose house he destroyed is controlling things. In the end, it is Darkness who steps up to save Kazuma from execution, proving herself to be the most useful party member this episode.

Unfortunately for the party, because we need to end things with a punchline, the noble ends up confiscating all their stuff anyway.

Ah, I missed this. I really did. 

It was a fine return to form for Konosuba. This episode serves as a quick recap while introducing a couple of new plot points for this season. Overall, a very nice episode.

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