Thursday, January 26, 2017

Konosuba S2 Ep. 3

A new episode is here. Kazuma needs money and Aqua ends up being useful.

Yes, really.

In spite of still being suspected of treason, Kazuma's daily life continues. The montage where he takes Megumin exploding was great. Konosuba is pretty damn good when it comes to using montages.

However, just because Kazuma is not in jail doesn't mean he doesn't have any problems. He still owes a huge amount of money, and until he pays it, he is going to be the guy that goes to a restaurant to order plain water,

Luckily, Kazuma has a plan, dungeon hunting.

It's pretty nice seeing Kazuma being proactive about this. He gets Luna (yes, that's her name) to give him and his team the first crack at it. Thanks to his wide variety of Thief skills, he is well suited for this type of job.

Unlike Megumin who is stuck waiting outside since she can only make massive explosions.

But hey, at least Aqua can go in with him. That's good, right?

Remember how competent Aqua is?

Well, at it turns out she is actually competent this episode. No jokes there. The dungeon has plenty of undead monsters, and dealing with them happens to be something she is very good at thanks to her ridiculously high stats and Arch Priest skills.

Of course, since it's Aqua, it turns out it was her divinity that was attracting all the undead creatures to her. Kazuma then using his Lurk skill to ditch her was hilarious.

Oh, and there was also stuff about an undead Archmage that ended up being not so bad after all, but that wasn't as funny.

Go to admit, I really enjoyed the bar scene. It wasn't the funniest scene in the episode or anything like that, but it was comfy. It shows that Kazuma has actually managed to build a life in Axel.

And I'm not just talking about the Succubus Shop here.

He may complain and whine about it. He may have a crazy party, one serious debt, and a high chance of being eaten by giant toads someday, but you cannot really call his life bad. Kazuma has something in Axel, and that something is damn comfy.

Next episode, it looks like we are finally going to find out what's happening to Darkness so I'm really looking forward to it!

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