Thursday, January 19, 2017

Konosuba S2 Ep. 2

The toads return and (chronologically) Yunyun makes her first anime appearance!

Let's get to it.

Last episode, our heroes lost pretty much all their worldly possessions.

More importantly, Darkness left to negotiate with the local noble. While Megumin trusts Darkness is strong enough to protect herself if the guy tries something, Kazuma is quick to remind her Darkness is a total pervert with strong masochistic tendencies so the whole scenario is pretty much a dream come true for her.

Ah, Konosuba.

Anyway, they don't really have much time to dwell on that particular problem, because everyone's favorite mob is back, Giant Toads.

Also, Megumin has a cat now so that's a thing.

It turns out that Megumin using Explosion Magic to create a distraction for Aqua to enact the Rescue Kazuma plan last episode had unintended consequences. The giant toads which would normally hibernate throughout the winter are up and about, and it is our heroes' responsibility to stop them.

I got to admit I liked that part since it establishes a link with the previous episode and reminds us there are still consequences for everything our protagonists do. 

Also, seeing the party get eaten by toads is fun.

However, not all is well. Without Darkness there to tank, Kazuma is left as the only reliable physical attacker, and he doesn't really fare all that well against multiple giant toads.

It's time for Yunyun to save the day!

For those who have forgotten, she is a character that first appeared in the OVA. That said, this is her first anime appearance in terms of chronology. Like Megumin, she's part of the Crimson Demon Tribe.

Unlike Megumin, she is actually a capable Arch-Wizard. In fact, her whole character is a mirror image of Megumin. While Megumin is petite, chuuni, and unreasonably sure of herself, Yunyun is curvy, in possession of common sense, and timid.

Which is why she works so well as Megumin's rival/victim.

As a whole, this episode works best as an introduction to Yunyun. After all, not everyone has seen the OVA, so introducing her and her relationship with Megumin was a necessity.

The scene with the Friendship Crystal was pretty damn funny as we were able to truly appreciate the depths of Megumin's poverty and the extent of Yunyun's sheer loneliness in a scene that was equally humiliating for both.

As an aside, I'd totally watch Demon Summoner Yunyun.

However, the crowning moment of the episode had to be the banter and subsequent bath between Kazuma and Megumin.

Konosuba likes pointing out and parodying the usual tropes of the Isekai genre and anime in general in a rather refreshing way. When Megumin suggests bathing together, she naturally assumes Kazuma will stammer, blush, and let her have the bath first.

Instead, Kazuma not only wholeheartedly agrees with the idea but somehow convinces Megumin to go along with it. The way Megumin brings it up at the end to win against Yunyun was just icing on the cake.

All in all, not as good as the last episode, but still fun.

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  1. It's probably not all that odd, but I'm both glad and sad that Megumin and Yunyun aren't the best of all friends, as they seem so well geared to be.