Thursday, February 2, 2017

Konosuba S2 Ep. 4

A new character enters the scene!

No, wait. It's just Darkness.

After being away since the end of the first episode, Darkness finally returns and she's all dolled up.

Also, her boobs are huge.

I mean, yeah, I'll get to the episode in a bit but damn. The show has never been shy about pointing out Darkness is quite busty even though she wears armor nearly all the time, but she's especially busty this episode.

Like Wiz level.

Or higher.

I approve.

Anyway, in spite of Kazuma's and everyone else's worst fears, nothing really bad happened to Darkness. Instead the fat noble arranged for Darkness to have a marriage meeting with his son.

His handsome, wealthy, kind, hard-working, gifted son. 

He's not even secretly evil or something. In spite of how his dad looks and acts, his son really is a good guy.

Naturally, he is so not Darkness' type. Our hardcore masochist wants an utter waste of a human being who is guided solely by his petty and not so petty lusts.

So basically Kazuma.

That was totally the best unintentional confession ever by the way.

A Face You Can Trust
Unfortunately for Darkness, because Kazuma is exactly the type of person she likes, he has absolutely no problems deciding to make sure she marries the rich guy in order to dump the useless Crusader from his party.

Kazuma convinces Darkness and the others to go through with the marriage interview under the pretense of helping Darkness sabotage the whole thing in a way that won't backfire only to backstab Darkness by making sure she doesn't sabotage the meeting.

Our hero, ladies and gentlemen.

Not that we'd have him any other way.

Obviously his plan doesn't work because, well, Darkness is Darkness.

That said, watching the back and forth between the two of them was pretty damn entertaining. The scene with Kazuma using ice magic on her was especially good, both because it shows how handy Kazuma is with his basic magic and because Darkness ended up getting off on it.

However, the best moment by far has to go to their fight. After everything that happened, Darkness wants to get back at Kazuma and show the noble's son just how she wants to be treated.

Naturally, the much weaker Kazuma wins by promising to do unspeakable things to Darkness if she loses, forever cementing his reputation as Trashzuma.

All in all, it was a fun episode and I'm really glad Darkness is back. I am also looking forward to the unspeakable punishment. 

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