Thursday, February 23, 2017

Konosuba S2 Ep. 6

Adversity brings the best and worst of us.

In Kazuma's case, it can be said he is someone whose good points only show up when he is struggling against adversity.

That means that without adversity, he regresses back to his useless NEET self.

As it turns out Vanir (or should that be Vanir Mk. II now?) is alive and working at Wiz' store now. Unlike Wiz, it turns out he does have good business sense and offers a deal to Kazuma. He just needs to make goods from his world, and Vanir will ensure they are produced and sold.

No longer having to worry about being charged for treason, with plenty of money in his pockets, and even more to come, Kazuma gives himself to his laziness.

At least until he gets thrown out of the window.

Needs a Havel's Ring
However, Kazuma is not completely hopeless. He did use his money to have an armor made just for him... which he realizes is too heavy for him to move upon putting it on.

Got to boost strength and stamina if you want to equip Heavy Armor, Kazuma. That's the basics.

But hey! He had a Katana made... which is a bit too long for him to wear in a cool way so he needs to cut it in half... and promptly gets named Chunchunmaru.
I could make more jokes here, but it'd waste entirely too much time.

Kazuma's humiliations do not end there. What should have been a relatively simple mission ends up in his death thanks to a combination of Aqua being Aqua and Kazuma power-draining Megumin earlier that day.

It's really enough to make a guy wish to get reincarnated in a perfect life with a cute step-sister, you know?

At least that's how things would have ended up if Megumin hadn't taken advantage of Kazuma's unconscious body.

All Hail Excalibur!

But seriously, it is nice to see the girls do care for Kazuma... even if he has already concluded Eris is the True Heroine ™.

All in all, this episode serves as a reminder not just to Kazuma but to the audience that even when all seems to be going well for him, Kazuma is Kazuma and his party is full of weirdos and misfits.

No matter how many things they achieve, there will always be a kick to the balls waiting around the corner. 

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