Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Konosuba S2 Ep. 7

Megumin stumbles into a parallel dimension where Kazuma and Aqua get along!

Okay, not really. But it sure as hell felt like that to her for those first few minutes.

Last episode, Vanir proposed a business deal to Kazuma. This episode we find out just how much money he stands to gain from said deal. As it turns out, it's a lot. Enough that he won't have to worry about working for quite a while.

As an aside, the interaction between Aqua and Vanir was hilarious. It's nice to have someone else who knows of her true status. It makes the rivalry between the two work even better.

Anyway, Kazuma is going to get rich very soon and naturally, Aqua is suddenly his best friend ever. Money means they don't have to work. In fact, they don't need to risk their lives against monsters anymore.

The Demon Lord? If they make enough money, they can just pay high-level adventurers to kill him for them! Who needs weapons when you can bitch-slap people with huge wads of money!

All hail the power of money!

You know, as much as the two argue, they can really think alike when the situation calls for it.

While Darkness is turned on by seeing Kazuma become Scumzuma, Megumin is not quite so thrilled. She demands the party go out adventuring, but Kazuma rightly points out he is recovering from a broken neck.

So Megumin suggests they go to a city with lots of hot springs for no ulterior motives.

Kazuma agrees for no ulterior motives at all.

And Vanir gets Kazuma to take Wiz for no ulterior motives.

So yeah, lots of ulterior motives.

Oh, and Kazuma is really good at Rock-Paper-Scissors.

Since something has to happen every episode, the part is attacked by Emus.

Yeah, they call them something else, but those are clearly Emus. Dangerous, dangerous real-world animals.

They won a war, you know?

Anyway, for reasons completely unrelated to Darkness' insanely tough body that can withstand an Explosion, the animals that are attracted to hard bodies decide to attack.

Being the fearless Crusader that she is, Darkness charges at the enemy with absolutely no perverted thoughts in her mind.



A brave one she is, that Darkness.


Being Kazuma truly is suffering. 

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