Monday, April 28, 2014

Reaction: The World God Only Knows - I don't want this Final Chapter

The Perils of Rushed Ends

The World God Only Knows is a manga I really like. The main character was interesting. He had this Lelouch vibe if Lelouch was the protagonist of a dating sim. The girls were all entertaining on their own world and the plot kept my attention. The author did a really good job at switching from simple capture arcs to the more serious Goddess arc. TWGOK was fun.

It ended.

If you followed the manga, you probably have heard all you need about it.

Keima ended up with Chihiro after one of the most boring arcs of the manga.

 I really didn’t like the ending. For several reasons. For example, I didn’t like Keima ending with what I consider the most boring girl of the entire manga.

Yes, you have probably heard all the arguments about why Chihiro is the most logical choice and this was foreshadowed and blah, blah, blah.

Read the top of the page.

Read the first post.

This has never been an objective blog.

This is Hazard’s subjective blog.

Why couldn't she have gotten more screentime?

Chihiro is a really, really boring character. This has nothing to do with her being the normal one. An everyman or everywoman doesn’t necessarily have to be boring.

One of my favorite characters even is Takato Matsuki and he is an everyman. An extremely interesting one.

Sadly, Chihiro is not really interesting.

Or cute enough for me to overlook her not being interesting.

Plus, she has short hair.

Short hair!

It takes a lot of character for me to overlook that fatal flaw.

But enough about that. Chihiro is honestly but a drop in the many problems of the ending. The main problem would be how rushed it is.

The main problem is, this is not an Ideal Ending.

Yes, that matters. There are still lots of girls who have an interest in Keima. There are unresolved feelings all around and there is one heart-breaking letter Tenri ended up with (and she deserved much better than that).

Now, an ending does not have to be ideal. Heartbreak is a thing. It happens. Relationships are not all neat an tidy.

But Keima has always been something that strived for an Ideal Ending.

You have to do it.

Reality was not like games. Reailty was never ideal. Reality screwed you over. But even in that Reality, Keima struggled to find that Ideal Ending. He fought for that sort ending every time.

That is not wrong.

Keima’s ideal was absolutely not wrong.

However, that Ideal was abandoned for the sake of a rushed ending.

That, above all, bothers me. At the end of the day, the Capturing God could only achieve a Normal End.

The World God Only Knows remains a wonderful manga.

Just do yourself a favor and skip the time travel arc in its entirety. Just stop at the end of the Goddess arc.

A Life Goes On ending is an ending that’s not an ending. However, that’s not really a bad thing at all. In fact, in this case, it would have been the preferable thing. 

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