Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 19-20

The Important Question
I got to admit, I'm mostly getting bored of this anime. If it wasn't nearing its end and if it didn't have Caesar in it I would probably drop it. 

Anyway, let's go on.


Okay so Nobu and Kenshin go to get some nifty power ups, because Alexander kicker their asses.

Oh, and Jeanne is there too.


I supposed I should care more, but I couldn’t find in myself. Even the philosophy debate was boring and I usually like those.

Then there’s Jeanne.

The entire sequence was unneeded and I like Jeanne. Actually, it’s because I like Jeanne that I can say the whole thing was unneeded.

Jeanne spends the entire episode getting tortured because she didn’t want to accept her visions and the moment Nobu tells her she goes and does anyway.



Much better than the stuff with the trio.

Mitsu has reasons to doubt Nobu now. Plus, the girl he loves is now with an infinitely better man so that’s gotta hurt.

Enter Da Vinci and mysterious ominous visions.

We knew he was going to turn traitor.

What does Mitsu really want?

Beyond serving Nobu.  Beyond his father. Beyond his duty. What is it that Mitsu desires?

Whatever it is, it is probably not being second best forever.

Collateral Damage

Obviously it's hand to hand because Kenshi has dibs on the robot battle
Yeah so apparently Alexander is doing stuff that damages the Leylines.

Why on earth would you do that?

Isn’t that why the Western star is so shit right now?

Why can’t King Arthur just go there the old fashioned way?

You have spaceships, damn it!

If you want to take over the place then don’t blow it up! This isn’t rocket science!

Seriously, the leylines so far are completely impartial. They helped Caesar so it’s not like it’s impossible to win them over.

Oh, and Nobu and Alexander fight.

Caesar is… a fool for a pretty face

Meh, Ichihime is better
So yeah…

This happened.

King Arthur seems to have some mind control going on that makes his face the ideal of whoever sees him/her.

In Caesar’s case, this means a really pretty girl who he is totally going to listen to because… pretty girl… and mind control.

On the plus side he gets a cool sword out of the whole deal.

On the con side… well, this kind of hurts the Caesar/Ichihime ship and that’s the best ship so far.


He’s a cyborg now.

That is all.

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