Monday, June 30, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 24

And so it ends.

With many, many whimpers.

Let’s just be glad it’s over, okay?

The King is Naked!

Not the King, but he should be
Okay so, Jeanne declares Arthur is the real King. That kick starts this huge reaction that’s going to make the Holy Grail.

Meanwhile, Nobunaga actually sees Arthur’s real face.

Yeah, he’s an old guy. Really old. There is a neat moment where he explains he is what people think he is.
What you want to see is what you get. That’s all there is to this episode, ‘cause Nobu decides to fight and takes off with his giant robot.


Eh Nobu, Arthur was like right in FRONT OF YOU? You had a GIANT ROBOT! Couldn’t you, you know, used your robot to kill the King and end things.

Le Sigh…

This Battle is Without meaning

Hello, we are the army who didn't have their brains messed with by Nobu, want to conquer everything below?
Monkey and Kenshin fight against Alexander.

And get their asses kicked because he has to fight Nobu in the final battle.

I’m sorry, what the hell was the point of Kenshin?

Seriously. He literally brought nothing to this story. He’s just there.

Oh and Arthur gets killed because he gets crushed by a dragon.


Seriously bad character use.


They just wanted to use this phrase really bad, didn't they?

Mitsu turns traitor… cause that’s the thing to do apparently.

Nobu decides to be an idiot with his Destroyer King powers and engages in an overly complicated plot to rid people of evil while looking like the bad guy so of course Mitsu fights him and kills him.

We’re supposed to take Mitsu as the Hero here.

Yeah, no. Nobu is stupid. No argument there. Mitsu? He’s retarded. Like, oh my god, how many boneheaded decisions is this guy going to make before the anime is over?

This guy is supposed to lead everyone into a new era of peace?

I give it a few weeks, even with Nobu supposedly taking all their desire for that crap away anyway which was totally not cool by the way.

The only upside is that Hideyoshi survived.

Final Thoughts, Don’t watch Nobunaga the Fool.

Not worth it. There is nowhere near enough Jeanne fanservice to make up for everything else.

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