Thursday, August 28, 2014

Aldnoah.Zero 6-7

Do you like Rocket Punches?

I like Rocket Punches. 

I love Rocket Punches.

It wasn't like I was a Martian spy or anything!

Last time, Slaine’s plan to talk to the King royally backfired and was the trigger for a formal declaration of war.

Now, Slaine’s wanted for questioning because he's a filthy Terran traitor.

Way to go!

Luckily Slaine is Batman-lite and manages to evade capture, kick ass and escape in his Martian bat-plane.

Meanwhile, the puny earthlings have to deal with being formally at war which means they actually get drafted now.

Congratulations Former Martian Spy Rayet, you are now a proud member of the Earth Forces!

The Unspeakable Pain of not being able to use a giant robot

These episodes also give us more information about Marito’s mysterious past (not that it was that hard to piece together).

He’s the only survivor of the previous Martian attack (and might killed a guy) and the events left him understandably traumatized.

As is common in these sort of things, the government quieted down the whole thing, which had also been blatantly hinted. 

What I didn’t expect was the Captain’s now dead brother to be related to the whole thing.

Huh, you can smell the future sexual tension through the screen.

And this is my Final Form!

Suddenly, Rocket Punch!

This time the Martian Mecha is considerably more… unique.

It has Rocket Punches.

Lots of Rocket Punches.

And its pilot named them all.

And it transforms its entire body into a Rocket Punch.


There was some “one molecule” stuff being explained, but who cares about that?

Rocket Punches!

Honestly, I’m kind of sad to see this one taken out so soon. While it put more of a fight, the Martians aren’t being anywhere near as competent as they could be.

The Hero we deserve!
On the plus side, Slaine gets to save the day this time.

It was nice to see Slaine fight. He’s got a different style than Inaho. More improvised, but effective in its own way.

Speaking of Inaho, his teamwork and dynamic with Slaine was nice to see.

They even have nicknames for each other.

Which is why the sudden but inevitable betrayal was sad to see.

Slaine is not in a trusting mood and Inaho really hasn’t gotten around to learning how to talk like normal people. It natural it would turn out that way but...

Honestly, I can’t figure out if he really thinks Slaine is a threat to the princess or if he thinks Slaine would stop him from using the princess for Earth’s benefit. For the first time, Inaho's detachment from nearly everything has some worrying connotations in my mind. 

Also, that’s totally Yamato.

Let’s face, you all thought it too. 

You couldn't keep your mouth shut, could you Inaho?
Episodes Counter

Rocket Punches: 7
Conveniently Placed Super Ships: 1
Sudden Betrayals: 1
Slaine's Suffering: +7

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