Monday, August 25, 2014

Aldnoah.Zero 4-5

How Forward!

Well, this is late. Plenty of stuff happened but enough about that. 

There is a war with Mars going on! 

Big Sis Approved!

Last episode the kids met up with actual military and it looked like the Princess had revealed herself to everyone.

Kind of sad, that Inaho and Rayet are still the only ones who know about her. It’s kind of hard to miss that type of light-show, you know?

Anyway, after some deliberation, they decide to keep her secret, because they never know when there might be a Martian spy nearby. Plus, the Earth isn’t exactly Pro-Martian at the moment.

With good reason.

Filthy Martian scum.

It’s interesting to note, Inaho actually thought the whole ‘a double got killed’ was just a theory. Really, it was completely obvious that it wasn't. For someone so smart, he really can't read between the lines.

As the show goes on, those eyes will become dead-er

While all this is going on, Slaine is coming to terms with recent revelations. The Princess alive. Martians tried to kill her, and he doesn’t know who to trust with that information because anyone could be part of the secret conspiracy. 

Plus, he is an Earthling so the other Martians hate him.

They won't even let him go out and kick ass! You'd think they even use him as cannon fodder because "filthy earthling" but even that's too good for him apparently. Shame.

Honestly, I feel for him. He even went to the King and that royally backfired.

This guy is going to end up with so many trust issues by end.

Credit to him for managing to sneak all the way to the King’s room though.

Plus, it seems like there is something going on with his background.

Look at those thing little legs
The newest Martian mech is not quite as powerful as the previous one. Better pilot perhaps, but it doesn’t have the ‘disintegrate everything’ ability that’s way overpowered.

Instead, it has plasma swords!

Which can go through Earth robots like a hot knife through butter.

Now, I got to say, I liked Inaho’s strategy here. It was a neat little plan.

Also, it seems like Earth robots aren’t that far behind as far as pure strength goes as shown by Inaho managing to stop the Martian robot’s swing by grabbing his arm. It’s the other super tech that makes the difference.

You know, if the pilot this time weren’t so arrogant, he might have been a serious threat.

Case in point, after being defeated it goes to challenge Inaho again in the middle of the ocean.

Come on, you have to realize that was a horrible idea!

Before this is all over she will die. She is too adorable not to.

Episodes Counter

Romance Flag Raised: 2
Slaine Suffering: +3
Successful Plans: 3
Martians Killed: 1
Eggs Bought: 0

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