Friday, August 29, 2014

Aldnoah.Zero 8

Warning: The following episode contains gratuitous amounts of Slaine torture.

Walk away… unless you are into that stuff. In which case, do go on.

The Princess finally reveals herself. A necessity given the ship they found used an Aldnoah Drive.


Did they build a badass ship then realized they couldn’t use it or did they adapt an existing ship to Martian tech?

‘cause I’ll be honest the first one kind of doesn’t make sense.

Oh well, the ship looks cool and that’s all that matters.

Calm gets over his Martian hate, because cute Martian princess is cute. Inaho shows that min-maxing your character is a bad thing when you end without social skills and Rayet gives a suspiciously accurate description of how Martian society works.

Yep. Everything is fine and everyone is happy. There are birds and blue skies and laughter.

Insert Forced Penetration Joke Here
Meanwhile, Slaine is being tortured.

Electrocuted. Caned. Whipped. He even gets a gun put in his mouth.

I could say something about the horrors of war, but we all know this was about fanservice.

On the plus side, we got to see Slaine mocking Cruhteo for once. I liked that, “You really thought the super robot with dimensional armor was done in by a giant rock falling on top of it? Really?”

In the end, Cruhteo is able to piece everything together and becomes convinced of Slaine’s LOYALTY. 

Too bad, Slaine is all knocked out by then.

Knowing the princess is alive, Cruhteo decides to order a cease-fire. Yep, everything is going to turn out alright.

Okay, that's a cool robot

At least it would have were it not for Saazbaum’s sudden attack.

The guy really doesn’t mess around.

He came down to Earth, destroyed Cruhteo’s castle and may have even killed him.

Then he went and captured Slaine.

Odds are he is going to try to manipulate him.

Shame though, the show goes to some really great lengths to keep the war going, which makes it feel kind of forced. 

It would be interesting to see what would have happened if Slaine had been reunited with the Princess back in episode 3.

LOYALTY Bros. Never.

Episode Counter

Gundams: 1
Sudden Yet Inevitable Betrayals: 1
Important Characters Killed: ????

Slaine’s Suffering: +46

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