Saturday, August 30, 2014

Aldnoah.Zero 9

Look at that wealth of expression!
Today’s subject: Loss can make you crazy.

Really crazy

If there is a theme to this episode, it is that loss has a heavy toll on people.

For example, Marito. We get the full story behind that here. The Martian attack messed him up really bad as we have seen earlier. 

Turns out the reason is not the overwhelming power of the Martians, but rather that he had to kill his friend.

To be fair to him, the guy was already dead, but that stuff leaves a mark.

I am glad they revealed all this stuff. We had already gotten enough hints and dragging it out more would have done no one any good.

Hopefully, Marito recovers and gets to do something.

Okay, no easy way to say this. Rayet attacks the princess. Tries to kill her really. Might have succeeded since the Aldnoah Drive went down.

While I get what the writers were going for, this came a bit out of the left field this time.

Okay. Her father just died. The princess is a really convenient outlet and just a few moments ago she had to face the robot that killer her dad in a simulator. I get all that stuff.

It’s still missing that little something that makes me go, “Oh yeah, I totally get why you’d lose it and strangle her.” 

The last member of this trio is Saazbaum.

He surprised me. I was expecting him to lie to Slaine. Instead, he told the truth. He told Slaine everything.

And honestly? Villain’s got a point.

The Martian system is not really the best one despite all its technological advantages. The knights got screwed 15 years ago. Saazbaum even lost his wife/lover last time. He’s understandably angry at the Empire which is why he organized this war in the first place.

Plus, Earth has lots of resources that could benefit them if only they took them.

The guy is working on several levels. There are personal motivations (revenge), but he also has practical reasons for invading Earth. They need resources and he feels he owes certain things to his men.

Kind of looking forward to how his conversation with Slaine turns out a lot more than whether the princess survives or not. 

Best Girl
Episode Counter

People traumatized by loss: 2
Sudden yet inevitable betrayals: 1
Inaho's love interests?: 3
Scenes that will no doubt have less steam in the BluRay release: 1
Slaine Suffering: Surprisingly none


  1. The lack of suffering this episode is clearly the calm before the storm.

    1. Sad but true. Especially if the Princess really died.