Sunday, November 22, 2015

Asterisk 06-07 Kirin Time

This is long overdue. Been busy. Doing two episodes at once to catch up.

By the way, Digimon Tri is out. You can expect a post on that coming soon... for a certain value of "soon".

I got to say I like the conversation between Ayato and Julis at the beginning of episode 6. Julis had a neat and tidy plan to surprise people in the tournament and Ayato went and revealed his hidden powers.

However, she's not really mad about Ayato wrecking the plan. She acknowledges that she would have done the same thing, because, let's face it, that uncle was a douche and needed to get punched in the face.

Instead, she's upset he lost. You and me both, Julis. You and me both. Stupid sister. Seriously, that time limit is the most contrived thing in this show.

Over the course of these two episodes, we find more about Kirin and her evil uncle. Her father ended up in jail because self-defense laws are not so kind when they involve super-powered people. 

Kirin feels insanely guilty since if she had been able to stand up for herself none of it would have happened. Even as a kid she was strong enough to deal with that guy. She just lacked the courage to act. A mix of guilty and filial piety drives her to want to save her father. 

This is why she is willing to do whatever her uncle wants her. Of course, trying to fix a problem caused by her being a doormat by becoming more of a doormat does not quite make sense in the grand scheme of things. Something she realizes in the end thanks to Ayato.

Kirin is really into swords... and into Ayato. Plus, surprisingly bold about it in a shy, awkward way.

The two get a lot of time to bond these two episodes. I'm not really into the montage scene but otherwise they had some good moments together in episode 7 which work as the catalyst for her managing to free herself from her uncle.

Sure, her suddenly managing to stand up for herself is a bit too sudden since complex issues are never easily fixed but it was damn satisfying watching the way she casually stopped her uncle's punch and just kept on talking like it was no big deal.

Oh, remember those two girls form the science school?

Yeah, they are totally doing shady stuff again, this time with a bunch of regenerating Lizard-Dogs and a giant dragon. 

Seriously, why did they let them do that stuff in the school?

I enjoyed the rematch a lot more than I thought I would.

At the beginning I thought the guy was going to dual wield (which he did, kind of), so I was really surprised when he pulled out the spear. Then went for dual wielding short swords and even used unarmed combat.

I was not expecting that. It was pretty cool and showed Ayato's skill more than anything else in the show so far.

It was a neat fight. Overall, these two episodes were okay. 

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