Friday, November 6, 2015

Asterisk 05

Funny thing, I wrote this last Sunday. I just kept forgetting to upload it.

Anyway, since I did separate posts last time, I'll keep on doing it from now on!

There is not really much to say about this episode. It's not bad but it's also not all that good. 

The first part of the episode introduces the leaders of the various of schools and shows us a bit of politics. In exchange for keeping quiet about the incident last episode, Claudia is getting the other school to give her cool tech. This also happens to put the one behind last incident within kissing range of Ayato. 

That won't backfire at all.

The episode also introduces the so-called Lightning Blade.

The most powerful student who is still somehow bullied by her uncle. We also have the technical but not real loss. Lame.

That said, the fight itself was good. There is some neat animation there.

As an aside, I was not expecting Ayato to be that weak. For him to unlock his limiter for a spar like that even against the best student of the school is kind of meh. 

Sister, what the hell? Seriously, why? 

On the upside, I do like how the big guy is now kind of part of the group somehow.

Plus, Saya shall fight to protect the honor of her giant gun!

And her dad!

But mostly the gun!

Those two should team up.

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