Monday, November 23, 2015

Rakudai 06-07 - The Dangerous Student!

The Student Council Appears!

And is defeated.

I mean, sure the other two guys that show up later seem to be way stronger, but it was still fun to see the Student Council Members lose so easily considering how hyped they usually are.

It really establishes just how strong Ikki and Stella are compared to everyone else. Some anime like to go, "Sure he is strong but Insert Excuse Here!" Nothing like that here. They are badass.

Well, there is the F-Rank thing but no one really takes it seriously anymore.

These episodes introduce a new character, Ayase, a swordswoman with father-related issues. Any similarities to Asterisk are purely coincidental.

It's a bit amusing to think about. There are plenty of differences between Kirin (Asterisk) and Ayase, but part of my brain is already predisposed to draw parallels between the two.

The timing doesn't exactly help with this.

As an aside, while the relationship between Ikki and Stella is strong, there is no denying Ayase got away more action from Ikki than Stella will likely get in the entire anime.

While it's clear which side Rakudai supports what with its name being Chivalry of a Failed Knight and all, I'm not necessarily against Ayase's actions.

A good strategy is a good strategy. Underhanded, sure, but it made good use of the resources Ayase had at hand.

That said, there is nothing wrong with someone who does his best to fight fairly. In fact, it is admirable when one decides to hold himself to a certain standard.

On the bad guy front, we have Kuraudo.

He's appropriately asshole-ish I guess... but that kind of wears thing since the last guy was also an asshole type.

There's got to be variety to bad guys otherwise it gets bland. 

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