Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Asterisk 08 - Team-Up!

The Three Faces of Jealousy
Last episode Kirin and Saya became a team.

Let's see how that goes.

As it turns out not well. Individually, they are both very strong. Their fighting styles even complement each other. Saya is a long range fighter while Kirin is exclusively short-range. One can get in close while the other provides back-up from a distance.

However, they aren't quite meshing as a team just yet.

It's not surprise. Saya is aloof. Kirin is adorably awkward. Neither is the most social person around.

The solution is obviously to spend the day together, socialize.

By going to shady parts of the city to buy guns. 

We really need to meet Saya's dad. Seriously. Beyond the fact that the guy is literally described as a mad-scientist by his own daughter, well, any father who raised Saya is bound to be interesting. 

When high-tech guns are the best present you can think of, it's obvious there is something awesome there.

Overall this episode was just a nice, peaceful time for Saya and Kirin to bond. It's surprising to see the spotlight leave the main character like that, but it was not bad.

In fact, it was nice to see more of Saya and I like that she and Kirin became friends. 

Kind of sad that she didn't team up with the muscle guy but overall it was a good episode. 

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