Thursday, March 16, 2017

Konosuba S2 ep. 10

The end, barring a third season, is here.

Let's enjoy!

The group successfully escapes the inn using Aqua's hagoromo as a balloon. 

Bet you never thought the opening was going to be relevant.

Instead of fleeing the town like any sane person would do, they go right to the source of the hot springs. Someone is contaminating them, and Aqua wants to save the Axis Cult.

Even if it really would be better for everyone but very few people if the Axis Cult didn't exist.

Once they get there, they find Hans, the guy who we saw walking around town last episode. 

Turns out Hans has been contaminating the hot springs, and Wiz is quick to identify Hans as a member of the Demon King's army.

That's right. Aqua was right. Wrap your heads around that plot twist!

Being a veteran of many games, Kazuma is quick to challenge Hans. After all, the guy is "only" a deadly poisonous smile, and everyone knows slimes suck.

That's when Wiz reveals he is one of the eight generals of the Demon King's army.

After a quick strategic retreat, Aqua decides to go back to save her cult. 

You got to hand it to her. Aqua cares a lot about her followers. Enough to stick her hand into poisoned water... even if the world probably is better off without the Axis Cult.

Anyway, the cultists see Aqua and the others fighting the giant slime monster and decided to help out.

And you know what? I got to hand this to Konosuba. They really know how to use their irrelevant background characters. We have only known these guys for two episodes, but they are distinctive enough that we can recognize them. They are not a bunch of nobodies. They are a bunch of very annoying, morally challenged cultists.

And that makes all the difference. 

The episode also shows us another side of Wiz. We have heard often enough that she is very powerful. We have seen proof of that power when she used Explosion in the S1 finale, but we have never really seen her in serious mode.

Until now.

Hans killing a non-combatant is enough to really piss her off.

Her deal with the Demon King says she will not interfere if adventurers or knights are killed since that's part of their job. Civilians getting killed though? That's not cool.

We saw angry Wiz let loose with the cold and it was great.

Also, credit to Kazuma. It takes some serious balls to make a plan that relies on you getting melted to your very bones.

However, the start of the episode is Aqua.

She is the one who is powered by the faith of her faithful to strike the last blow. It was great seeing God Blow and God Requiem after so long, and seeing the Axis Cult recite their creed was as funny as it was awesome, and again, it works so well because of how familiar we have become with these side characters.

Yep. Aqua struck a great blow against evil,.. and purified all the hot springs in the process, rendering them useless.


In the end, the party has to run away from the city.

But it's fine. Aqua's ego may have suffered a blow, but that's nothing new. The important thing is Axel is still there. Their home is still there, and their friends are still there,

I have said this before, but Kazuma and his party have truly created a place for themselves, and it's a damn comfy place at that.

For them, it truly is a wonderful world filled with blessings.

Here's hoping for a third season!

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