Sunday, March 26, 2017

Highschool of the Dead's Writer Passes Away

Daisuke Sato, writer of the popular zombie manga Highschool of the Dead, has passed away.

Let's talk.

I have never made a post about Highschool of the Dead on this blog. At least, I am pretty sure I haven't. I regret that now since Highschool of the Dead was a pretty fun series as far as zombie apocalypses go. It has violence, guns, people being stupid, and fanservice.

I'd go as far as to say it's my favorite zombie anything.

And not just because of the fanservice.

Okay, maybe a little.
Pictured: Yuuki Miku AKA Bus Slut
Daisuke Sato may have passed away recently, but the manga has been dead for years now. Not due to a lack of popularity, but rather because the writer just stopped. There are several rumors floating around as to why.

Some say it's because there was a pretty big earthquake and the writer lost his taste for plunging society into chaos after seeing the real thing. Others say he just got bored, and others still maintain it's because the writer and artist had differences of opinion regarding who the best girl was.

Because yes, HotD is one of those manga with one guy doing the writing and another doing the art. 

The artist is still alive by the way. He has long since moved on and is doing Triage X at the moment. 

Some people have even suggested that since the writer is dead, it is now possible for Shoji Sato (the artist) to continue the series. 

Personally, I'm hoping that doesn't happen.

HotD has a very special edge to it, a very unique anger, and it's clear to me that has everything to do with the writer and not the artist. Triage X may have fanservice and violence but it doesn't have the same emotion behind it. 

Note that I'm not saying HotD is some sort of high literature. Not at all. However, Daisuke Sato put something of himself inside that work and it shows. Now that's gone and there is no way of replacing that. 

Goodbye, HotD.

Goodbye, Daisuke Sato.

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