Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Konosuba S2 Ep. 9

Gather round. Gather round. 

For the very quick and largely self-inflicted fall of Aqua!

Last episode, Kazuma discovered the horrors of the Axis Cult. 

However, Aqua is actually having a pretty good time in a town where everyone thinks she is the greatest thing ever, and she is in no hurry to leave. Since this is Konosuba, high horses only exist to make your fall that much greater and this case is no different. Even if Aqua needs to be dragged down from her horse, kicking and screaming all the way.

Naturally, Kazuma starts by confessing his many sins against her.

That's right, Aqua. Your high-class alcohol was a lie.

Later that day, Megumin reveals her big plan had been to use Aqua's natural ability to attract undead so the party could get some adventuring done. Her plan worked, but sadly, the cost was too high. She wasn't ready for the horrors of the Axis Cult. 

It did work better than Kazuma's plan to bathe with Darkness, Wiz, and Megumin though.

On the plus side, he did get to see that hot girl who will totally not be relevant to the plot in the far future. 


Not at all.

Anyway, back to Aqua and things getting worse for her, largely due to her own fault. 

It has been established in previous episodes all the way back to Season 1 that Aqua has the ability to purify water. It is not something she controls. It's just something that happens when she comes in contact with most liquids.

Like the water from the hot springs for example. Thus turning it into simple hot water.

Suffice to say, the cultists weren't happy about that and kicked her out.

A smart person would have cut her losses, but no one will ever accuse Aqua of that. After becoming aware something is happening to the town's hot springs, Aqua becomes convinced something evil is afoot. Something that would be completely silly were it not for the mysterious guy Kazuma has seen wandering about town.

After bullying poor Darkness into helping her, Aqua decides to investigate.

By visiting every single hot spring in town.

Remember that thing about Aqua purifying water?


Aqua's plan backfires so badly the entire town is ready to lynch her.

They truly are, beyond any shadow of doubt, Aqua's people. 

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