Friday, April 21, 2017

Armed Girl's Machiavellianism 02

A Gift You Can Trust
Alright, let's do this!

Nomura has made some big waves after defeating one of the Five Supreme Swords on his first day of school. Everyone wants a piece of him and not in a fun way.

However, Nomura has other concerns.

See, boys aren't allowed to leave the campus on their own unless they have a special permission slip, a permission slip that can only be obtained from one of the Five Swords and needs to be stamped by all five of them. Plus, the only one of the five Nomura knows is Rin.

You know, the girl he beat and kissed by accident last episode? Yeah, that one.

Smooth Operator In Progress

The next day Nomura decides to visit Rin. The sheer shock of losing and having her first kiss taken has rendered her sick with fever.

Truly, it is a school of delicate flowers.

The joke with her temperature going up whenever she got embarrassed or angry was amusing, but the real treat of the scene was the way Nomura handled himself with her and how Rin misinterpreted it as him asking her out on a date.

Smooth, Nomura. Really smooth.

It helps that Rin goes from Tsun to Dere pretty damn fast. Losing half her mask obviously halved her Tsun powers.

Pictured: A Faker That's not an Archer
This episode also has another fight, but it wasn't as good as the one last episode. To be fair, it didn't need to be. Nomura is not fighting against one of the Five Swords this time. He's fighting against two flunkies.

They don't even have cool swords!

I did get a kick out of the Italian girl being a complete fake though. Don't think I have seen that one before. Plus, the show noting whips aren't actually good weapons.

Overall, it was an okay episode. Not as good as the first, but okay. Next should be a little more interesting as Nomura fights his second Supreme Sword.

Who may or may not really be French given how this episode turned out.

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