Thursday, April 20, 2017

Armed Girl's Machiavellianism 01

The spring season has brought lots of interesting stuff . There's the second season of My Hero Academia, the long-awaited second season of Attack on Titan, Sword Oratoria, and other popular series.

I'm not going to be watching any of those.

Instead, I'm watching this:

Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism AKA Armed Girl's Machiavellianism


Our story begins in Aichi Coexistence Private Academy, and boy, that's a name that just doesn't sound right in English. Anyway, the school used to be an all-female school, but then it became a co-ed school.

However, the girls were too scared of the boys so they were given the right to carry weapons to defend themselves!

Yeah, for real.

Among the girls, five proved to be especially good at kicking ass and were made the Five Supreme Swords, who, as the name implies, get to carry around actual swords instead of batons. They are basically the supremely powerful Student Council of the school.

In fact, the girls did such a good job of beating up boys that the school became a prime target for sending delinquents so they'd be reformed. And by reformed I mean beaten into submission and forced to dress as girls.

Ah, anime.

Nevertheless, this is the school our protagonist, Nomura Fudou, enters! He got into a huge brawl and beat up forty people. Naturally, he is a prime target for the school's unique brand of "reform."

Up first against him is Rin, the Tsundere.

However, Nomura is a Japanese man who can say no.

That's one for the record books, folks.

Nomaru wants a peaceful high school life and he certainly does not want to dress like a woman. All that's left for him is to defend himself against Rin's attacks until homeroom ends because they can't actually attack him during classes apparently. Got to keep those grades up.

What follows is a pretty nice fight, all things considered. I was expecting something with more fanservice, but it's all sword-fighting and martial arts moves.

I mean, sure, at the end of the day the premise is absolutely ridiculous. She's attacking him with a sword so he'll dress like a girl, but still, this was pretty nice.

Anyway, Nomura wins the fight, but there are still four more girls left plus a mysterious sixth one who is obviously best girl.  

Overall, I actually liked this.

It could have been pretty bad but Nomura is a pretty capable protagonist so far, and that helps a lot with the premise. If Nomura wasn't both able and willing to stand up for himself, this type of thing could get pretty annoying.

Plus, we already have established antagonists in the Five Supreme Swords and the mysterious hot girl who is related to Nomura's past so that's going to be interesting.

Plus, there is a bear.

A bear!

Bears are awesome. 

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