Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Armed Girls' Machiavellianism 04

It's time for Bears!

They said without irony.
Nomura has defeated another Supreme Sword and in the process gotten himself another cute girl that wants to follow him around under the guise of "correction." An enviable situation to be sure, but the freedom-loving Nomura's not exactly thrilled at being monitored every moment of the day.

Nomura is not the only that finds the current state of affair objectionable.

Bear Loli appears once more.

Apparently, she has been in Hawai all this time.

Did we know that by the way? Was that a thing that was said? Eh, who cares? What matters is what she does. Nomura who should have been subjugated is free as a bird, and Mary and Rin are now lovesick schoolgirls.

As far as Bear Loli is concerned all three are a problem now.

She actually holds a Five Supreme Swords meeting without Mary and Rin this time and gets the green-haired Supreme Sword to agree to her plan.

It's time for the deadliest Sports Festival of all.

Indeed, Mary and Rin are surprised when they find out it's not only Nomura who is forced to participate but them as well. Even if they are all Supreme Swords, Bear Loli outmaneuvered them this time.

Our three heroes must now fight against Bear Loli's Three Musketeers.

In Sumo Wrestling.

Oh, and the Bear is one of the Three Musketeers.

Oh, and there is also a suggestive scene with Nomura putting the sumo clothes on Rin and Mary, but BEAR SUMO WRESTLING!!!

That's right, Nomura must fight a bear. If he wins, all three of them are free to go.

Nomura does pretty damn well against the bear. His Demon Bullets or whatever don't work that well against an opponent that drastically out masses a regular human, but Nomura actually manages to LIFT THE BEAR!

In the end, he wins by modesty. The other team didn't put on the sumo cloth correctly, resulting in disqualification when it falls on.

Bear Loli can't believe her bear lost.

But it's fine.

Because now the jokes are over, the games are over!

It's war now.

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