Saturday, April 22, 2017

Armed Girl's Machiavellianism 03

Pictured: A Sadist
Before we begin, I'll say this one thing.

Mary is hot.

Pictured: A Sadist Asking Hard Questions
The episode starts with Nobura being warned by his giant friend whose name escapes that he really needs to be on his guard. The fake Italian girl from last episode is close friends with one of the Five Swords, Mary Kikakujo.

A French girl who is also a sadist and unreasonably good with a rapier.

Nomura is not too worried about it. If anything, most of his attention is now focused on Rin who insists on following him around during school hours for the purpose of "reforming" him.

Just that. No ulterior motives at all. It's not like she wants to spend time with him or anything.


Totally a Sadist. For Real.
The fight animation was not too good this time, but the fight was actually nice if that makes any sense. Nomura actually having trouble against Mary because he is not used to fighting against a style like hers and his gloves being a poor match against her rapier's thrusting attacks was interesting to see. 

The real treat, however, was Mary's reaction to losing. Her actually being offended Nomura is not going to take advantage of her was great.

Mary's character, in general, was pretty nice. From her weapon, to her habit of carrying around a dictionary to search for Japanese words, to trying to get Nomura to grope her because how dare he not! It's all good.

Totally a Guy.
This episode also confirms that the Empress is the person from Nomura's flashback and part of the reason why he was sent to the school in the first place.

Seeing her quickly defeat Mary and Rin at once after Nomura went through so much trouble fighting them one on one really establishes her threat level. It's going to be interesting to see what happens when they have a rematch.

For now though, it's two swords down, three more to go. Plus one Empress.

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