Saturday, April 5, 2014

Being Bizon is Suffering


This past season saw the debut of a new mecha anime from Sunrise, Buddy Complex.

Coming out right after the not-nearly-as-entertaining-as-Season-1 trainwreck that was Valvrave’s second season, it comes as no surprise that the show was decidedly more conservative… or maybe it does since the show was likely still in development during that time.

In any case, Buddy Complex was a bit more standard compared to Valvrave.

Except for the time travel.

Buddy Complex’s story is rather simple. Aoba is a normal Japanese high school student (Of Course!) who one days gets sent to the future after his school is attacked by a giant robot. There he must join the Alliance in its fight against the Empire!

But this is not about Aoba.

This post is about Bizon.

If I’d have to pinpoint the character who had it worst in that  anime, it would be Bizon. It is pathetic really. 

For the benefit of all, let’s recap.

See, when we first meet Bizon, he is a crazy time traveler who wants to kill Aoba but ends up killed instead.

When Aoba goes to the future we meet a different Bizon.

Bizon is a member of the Empire and he has a relatively good life. For one, he pilots a giant robot for living.

That’s the dream.

He is not crazy and doesn’t foam at the mouth. Bizon is friends with his fellow squad members, among them is Hina.

His childhood friend.

His childhood friend he may have a crush on. Can’t blame him. Hina is cute and Zogilia’s pilot suits really show off her figure.

Bizon has taste
Life is good for Bizon.

Until one enemy pilot suddenly tries to kidnap his childhood friend while shouting her name loud and clear for everyone to hear. 

Worse, he pilots the one of the enemy’s super prototype robot responsible for more than a couple of loses on their side. Now, his best friend is under suspicion because why the hell did an enemy pilot know her name?

Bizon trusts Hina and defends her, but things start to get weird as the hints of Hina having something to do with the Aoba keep piling up 

This culminates in him finding Hina talking with Aoba while they are in the middle of a military operation.

Yeah, awkward.

To make things worse, she actually stops Bizon from killing Aoba.

Imagine how this looks from Bizon’s perspective. His crush may be an enemy spy. Is everything he knew about Hina a lie? Hell, her dad just died in the same operation where she was talking to Aoba so what type of person is she really?

However, Bizon doesn’t report this stuff.

He wants and needs an explanation. He wants to believe in HIna.

Hina then tells him some bullshit story about time travel.

It is real of course, but again let’s look at it from his perspective. Either Hina is feeding him bullshit or his childhood friend has been brainwashed by a skilled operator into believing this bullshit.

He is desperate. He wants to stop her from doing anything stupid. He wants for thing to be the same, and yes he wants to keep her at his side.

He kisses her.

She rejects him and keeps talking about Aoba.

Can’t really blame him for being pissed his childhood friend keeps talking about the enemy in the middle of war.


The worst of it all comes when Hina does get brainwashed for real as part of Zogilia’s new project to have their own super robots.

Knowing HIna is part of the project and worried about her because… who wouldn’t be after seeing Hina like that.

Those are classic, soulless mind control eyes. Of course the guy will be worried. He volunteers for the project because he wants to keep Hina safe. He wants to protect her.

Bizon subjects himself to one hell of a painful treatment in order to be a pilot.

He goes nuts.

Post Suffering Bizon
Completely nuts. Psycho even. Killing Aoba becomes his main focus.

Hello episode 1 Bizon.

Time travel. Got to hate it.

Aoba saves Hina, but Bizon is still crazy and will inevitably end up getting killed by Hina.

Except as the end of the first season reveals, in another timeline he survives and become the evil Emperor.

And still wants to kill Aoba.

As in, crazy Bizon started and evil empire just to kill the guy who took his childhood friend.

Like, that’s our bad guy?

At this point I just feel sorry for him. Hell, I even resent Aoba slightly for unintentionally ruining the guy's life.  

Being Bizon is suffering.

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