Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Samurai Flamenco 22

So it ends.

And it is fantastic

Step away from the Phone

I wasn’t expecting a full flashback of Goto’s weird cellphone ways, but I’m certainly not complaining. It gives a nice bit of insight.

It give his weird obsession a certain amount of sense to see how he goes from sending text messages to his disappeared girlfriend, to sending messages from her phone, to cutting the middle man and doing it all from one phone.

It was awkward and even a bit painful to watch. His classmates’ reaction were suitably awkward and drives one point home.

Goto is a good guy. He is also a really sad, pathetic guy.

Seeing Haiji torture him by deleting the messages is almost hilarious, but they evidently mean a lot to him. To Goto they are not just text messages. They are the only thing connecting him to the girlfriend he has never let go.

Naked beginning. Naked end.

... I have no words...

Sawada expects Samurai Flamenco.

Hazama gives him Hazama Masoyoshi as he came into the world.


It was hilarious.

Our villain is just so damn weirded out by the whole thing. Hazama’s dialogue doesn’t help matters.

Then things get taken up to eleven when Goto interferes. I did not see that marriage proposal coming. It was great.

Hazama doesn’t do the whole love thing. He doesn’t have much experience, but he is in a situation that can only be fixed by loving people.

Sawada is a supremely socially awkward guy who is trying to connect with the first person who made an impression to him in a really clumsy way; so Hazama reaches out to him in his own clumsy but infinitely better way.

Understanding is for wimps!

It is the same with Goto. Hazama cares for the guy. They are best friends. His offer to replace his girlfriend and marry him is Hazama’s own clumsy attempt to let Goto know he is not alone.

At the end, love and understanding saves the day.

Still, cheered when Mari came in and punched Haiji though. Bastard deserved it.

The End

Man, I’m going to miss this.

It was good to see everyone in the end. The super hero museum was a nice idea and we even got a Prime Minister joke.

Plus, one last look at the Flamengers. I love those guys.

However, even though things are over it doesn’t mean they are over.

Haiji is still alive and though Hazama visits him he still says he’s going to remain a villain.

The scene were Goto shows a text message from his girlfriend may have been funny, but it also highlights he is not over it yet. Things are not really solved.

And that’s okay.

These are complex issues. Haiji is not just suddenly going to become a good guy. Goto is not going to completely stop texting from one day to the next. These issues take time.

But that’s fine. Hazama is the hero.

Heroes never give up and they never lose.

Go Samurai Flamenco! For Justice!

All in all, this was a really enjoyable show. It did everything it wanted to do and was everything it wanted to be.

A truly Nice Justice show.

I am glad to have watched it and I recommend it to anyone.

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