Wednesday, April 23, 2014

This Season

Earth's Mightiest Heroes. Now Compact!

As some of you may have noticed, I have not yet started talking about any of the new anime this season. 

There is a really simple explanation for that.

I don’t want to.

It’s not like I don’t like the current anime. There are a few that have certainly caught my eye. The thing is, while they are fun to watch, I am almost certain they will not be as fun to review.

I miss Valvrave. There was so much to talk about there. However, I suppose I could give a quick glance at what anime have caught my eye this season. At least the top three. I am watching other anime, but so far they have not provoked the same level of interest as these three.

Recommendation Time!

No Game, No Life

My first impression of this was, “Pretty colors.”

My second impression was, “My Eyes!”

My third impression was, “This is fun!”

No Game, No Life narrates the story of a pair of sibling who are extremely good at games. They are also complete shut ins that have little contact with the outside world beyond online gaming. One day, they get taken to another world where everything is decided by games.

It’s pretty great.

The siblings have rather distinct personalities and are co-dependent to a worrying extends. Obviously, they make for fun protagonists. The rules of the world offer a lot of possibilities as do the variety of games. 

Episode 2 had one creative game of rock, paper, and scissors.

Also, fanservice.

It’s definitely worth a watch.

Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers

Scientist Peter Parker! With Coffee! 

Yes, you did not read that wrong. 

Yes, there is an Avengers Toy Commercial anime where the Avengers end up partnered with kids.

And so far, it’s been pretty good. I went in dreading the worst. Instead I got movie-inspired Iron Man, Scientist Peter Parker, and a Loki who feels like a credible threat. Also, lots of Marvel characters. Seriously, there are lots and lots of characters. We even have Maria Hill and Phil Coulson.

Some character designs take some time to get used to, but my impression of this show so far is pretty positive. None of the kids is annoying and that’s a huge plus in this type of show.

Don’t let the silly premise fool you, I put this above the current Marvel Cartoons.

Not that it is hard to be better than Avengers Assemble and Ultimate Spider-Man, but you get the point.

Kenzen Robo Daimidaler


Out of all the anime this season, this one has to be the craziest and I love it for it.

Plus, it has boobs.

Seriously, there is a robot powered up by groping and it gets to fight against the Penguin Empire who attack with giant penguin robots.

Seriously, what more do you need?

Go watch it! Now!


Okay, you're now probably wondering why JoJo wasn't here. 

I love JoJo. But I have already read it. Multiple times. And watched the OVAs. I love seeing it animated again, but it just does not evoke the same level of interest.

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