Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 21

Forever Best
This was a dumb episode.

I mean really dumb.

Not even the usual dumb.

Caesar is still the best though.

Why would you say no to that face?
Peace Talks

Caesar wants peace between the two planets. Nobu doesn’t want anything to do with it.

Of course, we will later learn that “peace” is a fancy word for “let King Arthur proceed with his plan without any trouble”, but the good guys did not know that at the point.

More to the point Nobu did not bother explaining anyone why he said no.

Seriously dude?

“I follow my path, you follow yours.” That’s the only thing you’re going to give the people who have fought for you? Like, you aren’t this lone wolf type warrior. You’re the leader of a country. With people. Hell, since Kenshin is MIA, Nobu is the de-factor ruler of the planet.

This is not the time to keep things to yourself and hope everyone gets it! You’re responsible for all the other people.

Pretty words only work when they aren’t dumb as hell.

Caesar is awesome yet mind-controlled

Yeah, okay so Caesar is mind-controlled. Nobu knows but doesn’t say anything because he is a really shitty leader.

Mind controlled Caesar believes Arthur plan will save them all. Let’s be honest using god powers to create a super Utopia isn’t a bad plan.

Like, screw the whole “loving everyone equally is bad”.

That’s the type of attitude that keeps people away from the harem end!

Anyway, in spite of it all, Caesar just really wants to protect Ichihime and that’s awesome.

A stupid death is stupid


Seriously, what was the point of this?

Why kill Caesar who is the best character of the show?

Worse, why do it in such a stupid way?

The twins? Really? Not even Brutus?

This is the biggest flaw in Nobunaga the Fool. They have no idea what to do with the characters.

Last episode we had mind-controlled Caesar. He even got Excalibur and that shit means something. If someone was going to betray him and kill him… it should have been Arthur.

No. Instead, Cesare does it via the twins who have done nothing but look crazy and menacing all season.

And then they die. Because Caesar kills them, and Ichihime is dead too.

What was the point? It’s just incredibly ham-fisted.

Seriously at this point the Round Table members have done a better job at killing each other than Nobu and his allies. 

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