Monday, June 16, 2014

Spotlight: Digimon Xros Wars - The Young Hunters who Leapt Through Time

And here it is.

The last and worst Digimon Season.

This won’t be fun.

The Story

Much like his season, Tagiru could have been something but wasn't

In spite of the title, there is no real time travelling here. Mostly.

Time Hunters is a sequel of Xros wars and as such features a lot of the same characters. That said with the exceptions of Taiki and Yuu they really aren’t main characters anymore. Kind of like the older Digidestined in 02. Only less.

Time Hunters tells the story of Tagiru (our new gogglehead) and his partner Gumdramon. Together with their friends, they fight Digimon and capture Digimon (yeah, they can do that now. Like Pokemon).

However the trio of Tagiru, Taiki and Yuu will not find this task so easily. There are strong Digimon out there and enemy Hunters as well.

The Setting

A pretty cool design

Pretty much the same as Xros Wars.

Only not, because the Digital World is not really important here.

What matters is the Digi Quartz, a mysterious space between the Digital World and the Real World!

Digimon find their way there and slowly start to affect the real world.

It’s…honestly not that interesting. I guess it could have been, but it isn’t.

Anyway, this season the action will take place in the Real World and the Digi Quartz.

How it Manages?

Wait, what?

When I say it is the worst season I am not kidding.

Time Hunters made a huge mistake.

It shifted to a Monster of the Week scenario.

It kept all the old mistakes of Xros Wars yet lacked any of its strengths. In fact, it added new mistakes by lacking a clear overarching plot.

Old Digimon Seasons have a Digimon of the Week, but they balance if out with a storyline that progresses over the course of various episodes.

Time Hunters… lacks that. The plot is too thin to keep things together.

Furthermore, Tagiru (who could have been a promising character under other circumstances) is stuck with the worst character development.

Time Hunters dropped the ball hard and it is sad because the potential for greatness was there. It even promised a crossover storyline for the first time!

Do you have any idea how huge that is?

Seeing all the previous characters teaming up and be awesome would have been the best thing ever!

It happened, but like most things in Xros Wars, it was not used to its full potential.

Time Hunters is a disappointment in several levels. My recommendation, Don’t Watch it.


Only one part of Time Hunters deserves watching.

The animation is kind of lame. Many voice actors are missing and there are no evolution sequences. The mess up the power levels and plenty of others things. 

Still, watching it is worth it, because of the sheer nostalgia factor of watching so many old characters together:

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