Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Nobunaga the Fool 22-23

Lots of stupid stuff happened in the past episodes.

The trend continues.

Mitsu is an idiot

Eh, no?
Yeah, so instead of blaming, you know, the people who killed Ichihime, Mitsu has decided it is all Nobu’s fault.

Like, how do you look at an invasion and decide the invaded is at fault?

Nobu’s not entirely innocent and has made a lot of stupid mistakes.

But really?

This is what you’re going to pin on him? Not all the other stupid crap?


No matter how you look at it Arthur is way more dangerous.


So, unlike Mitsu, Jeanne has decided she’s firmly in Team Nobu.

This would be entirely better if she had shown the ability to get him to do stuff.

Early Jeanne was willing to argue with Nobu and call him out on his bullshit.

Current Jeanne is just another yes man to a guy who desperately needs a No.

Seriously people, stop enabling this guy.

Clench Those Teeth!
It’s sad how this guy is the only good character left. His plot line ain’t really that interesting though. He’s stuck being the supporting friend to Nobu.

I did like his talk with Mitsu, but that’s pretty much it. Shame. He could have been an interesting character. He could have at least gotten to punch someone.

He’s also on the position of failing to stop Himiko from killing herself.

Yeah, she dies.

Can’t say I care.

She wasn’t that interesting as a romantic interest. More like, it was too one-sided from the beginning.

The Battle

So the big battle is here.

Where did Nobu’s army go?

Like, he had one. What happened to it?

Also, Kenshin appears again.

He’s like the most pointless character ever.

Also the Perfecta are incredibly underwhelming.

Mitsu Again

Says, the guy who got shot

He betrays Nobu.


He also shoots him.

Not going to lie, I was kind of glad there.

Shame it was stupid though.

Oh well.

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