Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Dragon Ball Super 11-15

Dragon Ball Super Episode 15 has arrived and with that it's time to review.

There is not really much to say here. Episodes 11 to 14 are one big continuous fight. On the plus side, this is still nowhere near the 20-episode insanity that was Goku vs Frieza, and we get some genuinely good moments out of it.

Animation could really use some work. Seriously. Toei I get this is your thing. I watched the second season of Omega. I know how you roll, but really? How badly did you rush this?

But I digress.

I have probably used this pic before, but it still amuses me
Super Saiyan God Goku takes the fight to Beerus and, well, Beerus crushes him. At least at first it is damn clear Beerus has a solid advantage over Goku in spite of his fancy new power-up. The anime also does a decent job of portraying Beerus' 'lonely at the top' mentality. He is seriously hyped up about the possibility of finally getting a good fight and gets angry and disappointed when Goku fails to live up to his expectation.

Said anger is usually displayed by smashing him into an island and blasting a hole through his chest.

Don't mess with a cat god.

It's cool though, Goku is not in the habit of disappointing when it comes to strength and soon powers up.

Urgent News: SJGSJ now to be called Super Saiyan Blue. Thank you, Toriyama!
And then the universe starts to crumble.

Credit to the anime here. One of the main problems of Dragon Ball is that in spite of everyone who matters being hilariously stronger than planet busters, we rarely get to feel that level of power because, well, Earth is where they keep their stuff. 

We don't see stars, solar systems and galaxies destroyed as sheer collateral damage. There are reasons for it of course, but it is still stuff that leaves you hanging.

Seeing ever expanding shockwaves that cross dimensional boundaries and threaten to destroy everything because these two guys are fighting is damn fun.

As an aside, I got to admit seeing Mr. Satan care so damn much about his daughter and unborn granddaughter to the extend he is willing to put his own body in between them and potential universal destruction is just heart-warming. 

He is a goof and a bit of an idiot, but the guy's got heart.

Also, seeing Vegeta stubbornly looking up in spite of lacking anything resembling super vision and the ability to sense God-Ki, all while refusing to even look at Whis' projection is just funny.

Back to the fight, one of the things the longer length helps establish is that they are really having fun. Lots of it. Beerus wants to fight of his life and, once the threat of universal destruction is removed, so does Goku. The way they laugh as episode 13 ends says it all really.

Towards the end their interaction has become considerably friendlier. When Beerus decides not to destroy Earth this time because he likes Goku, it feels a bit more organic than in the movie.

After the fight we have episode 15 which is just a funny cool-down episode with Mr. Satan being Mr. Satan.

It does give us Super Saiyan Mr. Satan though, so that's awesome.

As a final note, what the hell Chi Chi? How on Earth do you waste that much money on baby stuff? Your daughter-in-law is filthy rich! It's pointless! 

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