Friday, October 16, 2015

Rakudai 02 - Asterisk 02

We're Back!
Last time I said I would only be following one of these anime. I have since changed my mind. I liked the second episode of Asterisk and it is bound to be interesting to compare how the two light novel adaptations diverge after their similar start.

In time, I might even have to do different posts for each, but for now I want to do it like this. 

Also, I know this is post is late. Sorry. Shit happened. That's all I'll say about it.

Now let's do this thing.

In Rakudai's case, this is more of a cool-down episode before the action starts again. 

We learned about our main character last time. We know what he is capable of and his relationship with the main girl was established.

This episode takes the time to expand on the world around them. Kurogane's family situation is explained (they are assholes who don't want him to graduate) and we get introduced to the one on one fights that are going to take place in order to choose the school representatives. Wouldn't surprise me if the bulk of the plot centered on these fights for the rest of the season.

Also, you go Stella! The girl know what she wants and is going for it while being a bit tsundere about it. Surprisingly fast relationship progress for this type of anime. I like it.

Oh, and serious bonus points for having a fight between the girls that didn't somehow backfire on the main character.

Pictured: A guy who was not ready for this day
Meanwhile Asterisk keeps on building stuff. 

We get more background on Ayato and his missing sister sub-plot but nothing definite yet. He also gets a cool sword which happened to be used by his sister. I'm mostly meh on that stuff to be honest.

Unlike with Kurogane we don't really have a handle on what Ayato can do just yet. We know he's competent and he's strongly implied to be pretty damn powerful but nothing is shown just yet.

On the plus side, I'm liking the way the cast interacts with each other. They are fun and Ayato's relationship with Julis has normalized into a more standard dynamic.

Both shows also take the time to introduce the second girl today. Well, in Asterik's case it's technically the third girl since Claudia is also there but whatever. We have Kurogane's sister, Shizuku, in Rakudai and Ayato's childhood friend, Saya, in Asterisk.

No going to lie, Saya wins. Shizuku was appropriately outrageous, but Saya was just adorable. Well, that and Shizuku's hair is way too short for my tastes.

On the whole, I liked Asterik just a bit more this time. Mainly because Saya. Let's hope they can keep that up.

As an aside, I really like the visuals of Rakudai's opening. Feels a bit like an ending but it works. 

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