Thursday, October 29, 2015

Asterisk 04 – The Problem with Sudden Commitment

Actually not a bad guy
First solo Asterisk post! Not through its own merit but rather because it got left behind.

Evil Mushroom Head!
Okay so, good stuff first. I liked that the bad guy wasn't the big angry guy with the muscles. The whole thing would have been way too obvious otherwise. I mean, I kind of had a feeling it was going to be his lame mushroom-head sidekick last episode, but still, good job on not making the obvious choice.

His fighting style is kind of lame though. Robots, really? He didn't even make them himself. He had the other school fund him. Guy is way too smug for that.

Points for something resembling an actual plan though.

Not really surprised Ayato has a super-mode/limit-break/whatever.

If anything, it was kind of underwhelming. That was way too long for beating mook robots. If you want to show your badass, everyone knows an instant win is the best. Point for Julis being sorta useful at the end though.

Really don't like the sister plot now. The whole 'sealing your real powers' to protect you thing?

Bitch move, sister character. Bitch move.

Didn't care much for Ayato kind of but not really confessing this episode. I mean, Julis does need his help and what not, and if it had been presented in a more platonic, understated way, it would have been cool. Interesting even. It wasn't.

Here's the thing, Ayato and Julis have barely met. Think about it. First episode is the first day at school. The second episode is still the first day. Episode three is probably the weekend to Monday.
These guys have known each other for all of one week, two at best.

In Rakudai the sudden confession worked, because the characters have spent a longer time with each other and their interaction was on friendlier terms. Just look at them training together at the beginning of episode three. Plus, a definite chemistry.

Here it kind of falls flat. 

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