Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Problem with Contrast - Rakudai & Asterisk Episode 03

Absolutely Flawless
For a moment I actually contemplated doing separate posts for last week's episodes. Then I realized it wasn't the time. Not just yet.

Today's topic, Relationships!

Smooth Stella, smooth
I'll say it outright, Kurogane and Stella are adorable.

Seriously. The first two and half or so minutes before the opening hits are cute. They are hanging out and training like friends and that's so damn rare to see. 

Stella clearly wants to be more, but is too shy and tsundere (in a good way for once) for her own good. Seeing her dance around the topic while trying to ask Kurogane on a date only for Shizuku to dash in with a text message was hilarious.

Plus, that cream. Oh, the cream! 

There was also a hostage situation this episode but that was very by the numbers. 

Seriously, why can't throwaway criminals ever be smart and not obviously evil? You want to hurt a kid because he threw ice-cream at you? Really?

The only thing notable about the whole ordeal is the introduction of Ikki's next enemy at the end and congratulations on making the guy annoying.

Kick his ass Ikki! 

Contrast is a dangerous thing. That which is good becomes average and that which is tolerable become intolerable.

It's certainly not the first time I have seen a protagonist panic when an attractive female propositions him. I know there are even worst examples out there. I have seen plenty of them. 

But contrast. I am predisposed to be a bit harsher on Ayato due to the first episode contrast with Rakudai. This is not to say Kurogane is some super suave badass. He's not. There are plenty of characters who deal with their own relationships better, but, again, contrast. It makes a difference.

Besides, Claudia is hot. MC is unattached. Why the hell not? Couldn't he at least say no properly?

On the plus side we do get more on Julis this time and it is good.

As a child, she was friends with some orphans and now she wants to help support their orphanage, hence her earlier statement about needing money.

It's sorta surprising for a princess to not be filthy rich but not without precedent. While her initial portrayal seemed to be standard (but tolerable) tsundere, she has really been racking up those sympathy points lately.

It has been a nice progression for her. Let's hope they keep it up.

All that said though, Rakudai definitely had the advantage this week.

Seriously, this is adorable


  1. Personally, I'm backing Rakudai all the way on this one.

    But then, perhaps I'm biased because it's been so long since I've actually read anything Gakusen that I've forgotten what (if anything) made it special.

    Also, Stella is Stellar, yo.

  2. Waiting on that Magi post...actualyy take your time.