Monday, October 5, 2015

Formula Problems?

Sometimes we jokingly say it's all the same shit.

Other times, well, it's a bit truer than we'd like. Pic, oh so related.

A new season has started and with it a variety of new anime. These weekend saw the start of light novel adaptions Gakusen Toshi Asterisk and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. We are going to be talking about these two for this post.

Their first episodes were... extremely similar to say the least. 

The setting is a futuristic society with high-schools for kids who use magic. Our protagonist walks in on a girl changing, making her extremely angry. The girl challenges the protagonist to a duel, because why not?

Oh, and both girls have fire magic.

Now, High School Fantasy Adventures with a dash of romantic humor are not anything new. These are all elements we have seen before. However, seen them arranged so close together like this is more than a bit startling.

Perhaps we have reached a point where it's all becoming too formulaic.

Don't get me wrong. I like clichés. I like clichés way more than the next guy, but there is a difference between using clichés and using them to tell the same story. The formula needs to have some level of variation to keep things fresh.

To be fair, these two are just starting, and it's not like they are 100% identical. There are differences between these two anime, and they lie mostly on their protagonists.

As a character, Kurogane shows a bit more, well, character when compared to Ayato. It's not even their backstories or circumstances (Worst One vs Missing Sister). It's the little things. 

When they walk in on a girl changing, Ayato panics. Kurogane panics and immediately offers to take off his clothes as well. When they duel, they both do well, but Kurogane wins while Ayato ends with a cancelled duel.

Oh, and the way he reminds Stella she is now his slave while smiling is hilarious.

Due to its main character, Rakudai shows a bit more promise; so guess which anime I'll be reviewing this season?

Yep, after a long ass time, I'm going to do episodic stuff again!

Oh, before I forget, be on the lookout for that Magi post either this week or the next. Translation of the chapters I needed to use is finally done.

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